Anticipated Moment


May you,

In the name of silence,

Womb of the world;

In the name of stillness,

Home of belonging;

In the name of the solitude

of the soul and the earth,

May you,

(Your name)


Blessed by all beings

Wings of breath,


Delight of eyes,


Wonder of whisper;


Intimacy of touch,


Eternity of soul

In the cosmic


And, may you,

(Your Name)

Each moment,


Compassionate of  heart

Gentle in word

Precious in awareness

Courageous in thought

Generous in love.

Jose’s Blessing




Namaste and greetings from this small corner of the web. I am forced to take things easier than usual, as seasonal changes are playing havoc with my biological components. Otherwise I should not let a day pass without the reporting of some inspiring event.

The words above were written for me by my friend, Jose,* whose work was featured on this site many months ago. The painting is based upon a recurring dream/vision which I have had since childhood; with the addition of an angel  named “Iona”.

I thought I would name the post after one of my favourite paintings, (which I haven’t seen for decades,) by Joseph Parker. I can’t find a decent copy of it on the web, so if anyone knows where I might find one, please send me a link.

With my thanks, and admiration for the work of my fellow bloggers, I will leave you for now, as I settle to watch pink clouds gathering, and whispering goodbye to an otherwise cold and bleak day, here in old Blighty.

Peace from Amras.

*We Have It All

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

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