Take My Breath Away



Hello again, this must be a record, I don’t remember posting so frequently since 2012, or so. What has encouraged me to work so hard, are the wonderful photos that my old friend Chris is sharing. Also, Amanda and myself have taken full advantage of our photogenic location during this most welcome Indian Summer.

From Castlerigg Stone Circle, in the Lake District, to Snowdonia in Wales, Chris, and his sturdy son, Joe, roughed it out in a windy tent, to bring us these photos. My favourite is the rainbow. A couple of hours ago, I was sitting in the warm part of my garden, contemplating the creation of this post, when something prompted me to look straight up into the zenith. Hanging there was an upside-down rainbow, which was waiting, it seemed, to simply take my breath away. It deserves to be shared, so I took the photo at the foot of this page with my iPhone. I hope you find these signs of the times as wonderful as I do.

“For the sake of sanity, remember:

‘The map is not the territory,

the word is not the thing it describes.

‘ Wherever the map is confused with the

territory, a ‘semantic disturbance’ is set up in the organism.

The disturbance continues until the limitation is recognised.”

A.E.van Vogt.

Photography©Chris Hammond.

©Francis Moloney.




In Our World

Dru July 2013 051 Dru July 2013 052 Dru July 2013 53 Dru July 2013 056 Dru July 2013 061 Dru July 2013 064 Dru July 2013 065 Dru July 2013 070 Dru July 2013 072 Dru July 2013 076

The sea is calling me,

She says, son, come follow me,

Ride the waves to eternity,

And she promised that she would set me free,

And make a cosmic surfer out of me.

From ‘Cosmic Surfer’ by Quintessence.*



The treasures of Poseidon, once plundered by vain Caligula, and now strewn here, on a lonely beach in windy Wales. Vanity is so far removed from the reality of what lies at our feet. Though I may live a little way inland from the ocean, I prefer never to forget that I swim eternally in the ocean that has no surface.

In our world, where monumental insanity has surely had its day, the tide has finally turned, and what appeared to be so, is no more now than an echo of times past. So let’s release the past tense, and let ourselves be free and easy.

These pics follow on from the last post. They were taken in July of this year, and as I write, Amanda is returning to this location, so there may be more pics on the way.

I am recovering from bronchitis, and wish to thank those who sent me their wishes for my healing. Thank you so very much.

With that, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope too, to return soon. Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Amanda Moloney.




I Wonder If

Dru July 2013 028

Dru July 2013 032

Dru July 2013 039

Dru July 2013 030

Dru July 2013 049

Dru July 2013 042

Dru July 2013 045

Dru July 2013 043

Dru July 2013 044

Dru July 2013 050

I must go down to the sea again, 
to the lonely sea and the sky;
I left my shoes and socks there – 
I wonder if they’re dry? 

Spike Milligan.

A lonely beach, somewhere on the Welsh coast, facing the Irish Sea. Just a few reminders of Amanda’s recent travels.  I can’t get down to the coast nowadays, so these pics are the next best thing for me; and that’s why I like to share them.

For a couple of weeks I have been battling against a bout of bronchitis.  What a mess. But I’m finding my equilibrium again, and am recovering gradually.  That said, I think I need to rest me dodgy digits right now.

Gratitude, peace, and blessings. Namaste from Amras.

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

To Touch The Earth

Dru1 Dru2 Dru3 Dru4 Dru5 Dru6 Dru7 Dru8 Dru9 Dru10


Lets stroll through fields and forests fair,

To touch the Earth, to breathe the air,

And take the pics we wish to share,

With all who love, and all who care.


Namaste, and thank you to all who have looked in during my absence. I so very much appreciate your likes and follows; and I truly wish that I had  the strength to return your kindness more regularly.

This is my way of making up to all the good folk who share in this peaceful and enlightening exchange of blogs and posts.

The pics, taken by Amanda in  Snowdonia, take us on another journey through the stony Welsh landscape that she loves so much. I hope you enjoy them, and until we return again, I wish you, and all with whom we share this living world, peace.



Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

So Much Depends

Dru July 2013 127 Dru July 2013 129 Dru July 2013 174 Dru July 2013 177 Dru July 2013 178 Dru July 2013 179 Dru July 2013 182 Dru July 2013 211 Dru July 2013 212 Dru July 2013 316

The wind in the sycamore sounds like the sea,

And whispers can summer be over so soon?

The leaves singing softly, of what is to be,

Say so much depends on the sun and the moon.

To all good folk who pray for peace, so much depends on you. Sleep  well tonight. Namaste from Amras.

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

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