Hurry on Sundown


Greetings, and thank you to our readers. For those who may not know, the title is named after an old Hawkwind song, and the following paragraph is my new twist on the message of the lyrics.

See what tomorrow brings. When I look into my mind’s eye – I see only peace. I hope this vision is shared with many, because nothing in this world can really be what it appears to be, when the world itself is a perfect creation, crafted by the perfect creator.

What is real is what we feel when all we have is love. I feel that it is a worthwhile exercise to mine the faith we held as children, and trust that despite all its woes and lamentations, the world is always being born anew for those who love.

The photograph was taken last year in Liverpool by Amanda’s sister, and donated most kindly for our readers. It brings to my mind thoughts of souls we have known, who had to leave us behind, and sail away gracefully aboard proud white ships to the silvery shores of the undiscovered country.  They are ever in our hearts.

With that said, I will bow out for now, and hope to return soon.

Peace from Amras.


When you stop to pray for peace, the world depends on you. 



Photography ©Jayne Perry.


Line of Sight

Roads go ever ever on

Under cloud and under star,

Yet feet that wandering have gone

Turn at last to home afar.

Eyes that fire and sword have seen

And horror in the halls of stone

Look at last on meadows green

And trees and hills they long have known.*


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Namaste dear readers, and welcome to all new friends, and followers.

I took the above pics in 2007, from my wheelchair, somewhere in Devon, England. My legs a seat, four wheels my feet, I always need a push. On that day, my wife, son, and brother each took a turn at pushing me. For days like these I feel truly very grateful.

While life on the outside flows with fresh challenges, I will never allow myself to forget that place of stillness on the inside, symbolised by this chapel, standing alone in the fields.

And though the journey be a noisy one, I will always keep that silent chapel in my line of sight.

Until next time, Peace from Amras.


When you become aware of the presence within, you awaken from a deep sleep.  You become aware of the beauty around you.  Things that once seemed a burden are no longer a burden.  You become aware that nothing is yours and yours alone.  You are aware that all things and all people belong to God.  You know you are his child and you see that if you are a child of God, all others are children of God.   

Gerald O’Donnell .


The Dreams of A Druid
























Namaste dear world.  From the forests of a childhood – and the dreams of a Druid. these pics were taken some years ago, when I could still get around with just a stick. They were taken close to the places, here in England, where I have lived the longest. Many tree-topped hills of mystical repute, and beauty have surrounded me, and accompanied me through the best, and worst of times.


Outside my window, the late Spring is opening so very slowly, it’s almost as if it’s afraid that it will get caught in the snow, again.  The above pics were taken during an October, and  I’m using them to remind the trees that they need to wake up now, just in case they haven’t noticed the time.


Please click on the pics for generous views.  And, thank you so much, to all my ‘fellows’ at WordPress,  your blogs keep me enthralled, no exaggeration.

With that, I must rest me broken frame, and wish you peace.  Amras Arcamenel.*


The Dream of A Druid


* “Arcamenel” means “Pray To Heaven” in Tolkien’s Quenya Dictionary, if I remember correctly.


Photography ©Francis Moloney.

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