The Winners Take All









We study so hard, reading, practicing, meditating, ever more and more; to generate ever more inspiration for ourselves.

In consequence of this, if we are ethical and discerning individuals, who follow our hearts, we will encode our bodies with the genetic and subtle information intended to ensure that in the future, we are *born knowing, and owning all that material.

This releases the old stresses from our minds, and we are now set free to explore ever greater heights of awareness, and unity.

Just as our ancestors strove for our sakes, so we strive to develop the light of learning within ourselves, on the behalf those waiting to be born. It is for our honour.

As surely as that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the consequences for souls who “turn a blind eye” to other’s suffering are certain to be unhappiness in equal measure. It’s blindingly obvious.

A future blessed by innocence, or marred by guilt are the choices we face; and, either way, the winners take all.

Kindness is the key to the door of the branch of knowledge that is useful – and harmless is the fruit that life craves most.


*We are born with every breath.


Until next time, with good wishes from Amras – who is functioning currently at acceptable parameters; Namaste.



“A hundred times every day I remind myself that

my inner and outer life depend upon the labours of other men, living and dead,

and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure

as I have received and am still receiving.”

~ Albert Einstein.

The images were taken at Chichester Cathedral ~ Photography ©Luke Moloney.


All This is Happening


Consciousness is key – please enjoy:

1st Density b

Imagine a dot: 1


2nd Density

Now, imagine another dot, and draw a line from one dot to the other: 2


3rd Density

Now imagine that the line is the shadow of a needle: 3

 4th Density

 Now, place a tiny flee on your needle,

and let him go for a walk around the needle,

 – It takes a little time: 4


Now remind yourself that all this is happening in your imagination: 5

You have just experienced dimensions one to five.

One double musical helix for Tappas 2spotty

“Work appears when the worker is ready”.

Let us be in the service of our beloved sisters and brothers,

that God will open the closed gates,

placing us at the exact position where required hands lack.

André Luiz


Namaste, and peace, from Amras.

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

In The Eyes Of Every Infant


If one would realize that the world of God, His splendour and magnificence, are to be seen in the wise and the foolish, in the good and the bad, then one would think tolerantly and reverently of all mankind, knowing that it represents the messenger, as the messenger represents God. For no one has seen God at any time, but if there is anyone who represents God, it is the man who speaks His word. God is seen in the one who glorifies Him. But if our hearts are closed, even if we wait for a thousand years for the messenger to show himself, we shall never find him. For he who is always there has said, ‘I am Alpha and Omega. I exist every moment. When you call me, I am there. Knock at the door, and I will answer you.’ And those whose eyes are open do not need to go to a church and look at a picture or statue of the Lord. In the eyes of every infant, in the smile of every innocent child, they receive the blessing of Christ.

It only means changing one’s outlook on life, and recognizing the divine in man. But man has ignored the divine spirit that manifests in humanity, and always prefers an idol, a painting, a picture, to the living God, who is constantly before him. For the sage, the seer, the saint, and the yogi who begin to see the master, and see him living, there is no place where he cannot be seen. Then everywhere the beloved master is ready to answer the cry of the soul coming from friend, father or teacher. And if we go a little further forward, we will find that the teacher speaks aloud, not only through living beings, but through nature. If the eyes and ears are open, the leaves of the trees become as pages of the Bible. If the heart is alive, the whole life becomes one single vision of His sublime beauty, speaking to us at every moment.

Hazrat Inayat Khan.

With love to the world,  the heavens are are smiling upon us all. Many shall be praying for peace today. Namaste from Amras .

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

Your Courteous Manner


“Provide, in the moment, your courteous manner, to nourish the evolution on the planet. Growth is immanent and will progress thereafter to follow the path of light to expansion. Creation within unfolds to manifest.

You manifest through universal love without the presence of the ego. Time, which exists on the third dimension is an illusion.  Stay focused and uplifted as if all your dreams are now a reality. DNA is focused through this dream, your geometry is ever more sacred now so take care and think only positively of your future NOW.  It is beautiful, whole, real; and a part of the universal grid – preparing and affording the big changes on Earth.

There is no need for stress or sorrow, as those parts of you that are dying signal a transformation in your lightbody.  You are becoming real, like the real spirit your human body is wrapped in. You are Geometry,  all and every part of you is Geometry, this makes you a sacred part of the universe. This is how spirit talks to you, through your sacred  Geometrical body.

Look, just see the amazing creation you are made from, and truly know that you are spirit in every sense of this word.”


Pythagoras – Channelled by Amanda: 2006 – for the days ahead.

(Between ’04 and ’06, she channelled mainly personal and family matters, but she also received clues from higher quarters that helped her researches whenever she encountered an impasse. She has not practised since ’06.)

Thank you to all our readers, and hope to be back soon – Amras.


Artwork ©Francis Moloney: 2012.

Crystal Formation

Guided by the intent of the vast intelligence that controls so called “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy“, two particles, points of awareness, moving through space are drawn together by mutual attraction. 

Around each other they dance and spin. Their mass combines to generate a greater attractive signal. Two become three, and three becomes trillions. More and more particles are attracted to join in the dance, and this way the molecules that support organic life are being born.

Two Particles attracted to one another.
The paths of two Particles attracted to one another.

The space becomes dense, this can be observed in the universe when we look at clouds of stellar formation. The molecules have multiplied and structured matter in the form of star-dust. This “dust” is crystalline, and reflects in its design the integral geometry of its atomic form, describing a “cymatic” arrangement of Sacred Geometry. I say “cymatic” because order is created by sound, as is the ordering of stable form in the universe.  (Click on  Cymatics in my Links for more information).

Vast clouds of plasma and dust are formed this way in space. If they become dense enough they gain spin and form a disc. The heavier elements they

Hexagonal outline of the twenty sided Icosahedron. A Platonic Solid.

contain fall towards the centre, eventually making the environment so dense that a teaspoonful weighs thousands of tons. At this level of density, radioactive atoms discharge their energy in the form of heat.  The centre of the cloud ignites with a flash of light so powerful that it blows away any residual gas and dust, leaving a newborn star and its’ family of planets, shining in the heavens.  The planets were made from minerals manufactured in the hot disc during stellar gestation.

The six sided Cube - Another Platonic Solid.

It is important to remember that atoms don’t clump together randomly, if they did there would  only be chaos. Atoms actually arrange themselves into beautiful patterns whose measurements are more accurate than human ability can yet achieve.  Such a level of accuracy points to divine origins.  Everything has crystal geometry at its’ heart, even the air we breath; oxygen atoms are cubic, nitrogen atoms are  hexagonal.    AAM.

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