This is the penultimate post in this series,  it features five new minerals for your understanding. Remember that to get the most from these lists, you would choose igneous minerals for crystal based first-aid, sedimentary minerals for inner work, and metamorphic minerals during life changing conditions. By the way, I am now putting these posts in my art category as well, because I think the pics deserve it. Please enjoy:

Chromium is a trace mineral.


Manganese is a trace mineral.


Cobalt  is a trace mineral.


Copper  is a trace mineral.


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And one more post to go, which will just about wrap it up for our crystal therapy section; for a while at least. I sincerely hope you find these lists useful. Namaste from Amras.


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In The Beginning


Planetary Vitruvian Man & The Corresponding Geometrical Proportions of Earth and Moon.

“You and the universe came into existence at the same instant.   The root of your being is the same root as all that lives in the universe. Energetically, your roots are the same as the stars, the planets, the moon, the comets, the galaxies, the nebulae, everything.”        ‘ The Cosmic Crystal Spiral’  Ra Bonewitz, Element Books 1986.

We observe that the universe is moving into a higher state of complexity, and greater order.  It came from a formless condition, chaos. From chaos it continues to grow and evolve.

Phi Folk & The Corresponding Geometrical Proportions of Earth and Moon.

Every instant, with every breath you take the universe expands into incalculable distances. Since the Creation; the unfolding of order and balance, of atoms and minerals. From the mineral kingdom planets are born, on planets people are born, over and over again, death, life, rebirth. All sharing one energy. We are walking minerals, we are crystal people.     AAM.

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