The Narrow Road


The snow is deep, my stumbling feet,
I ooh and I ah—how white this sheet!


Namaste, and greetings to all you good souls, people of the internet, to whom WordPress owes its magic. I’ve been a bit too ill to focus on blogging of late, which explains my longish absence.  Had a good day today though, and we had nice weather to go with it.

Although it hasn’t snowed in our part of the world, it is a likelihood, and so I thought I’d prepare myself with this old digitalised slide, taken in Scotland, over thirty years ago. And, what a wild and lonely place it depicts indeed. I’ve often wondered about the hardy individuals who live in this remote dwelling.

Anyways, I hope you like this memory of mine, (tap on the pic if you’d like a close up view,) and, I digitalised a few more old slides, which, fairly soon, I hope to share with you too.

Oh, and by the way, I turned sixty a few days ago – how cool is that.

Wishing you a very happy day.

Cheers from Amras.

Photo ©Francis Moloney.