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Man spends the first third of his life in preparing himself for life—physically, mentally, and financially. He is always expecting, hoping, progressing, expanding—something big, something satisfying is going to happen. Consequently, his mind is open. He is happy. He is expressing. During the next third of his life, speaking of the average man, he marries, he has a family. His whole thought and emotion is spent here. But quite frequently, in the last third of his life he begins to meet with frustrations. When the time was that everyone believed in some kind of religion, he trusted to some kind of a future. Now this is more likely than not to be shaken. Dr. Jung, one of the world’s greatest psychologists, said: “As a physician I am convinced that it is hygienic—if I may use the word—to discover in death a goal towards which one can strive; and that shrinking away from it is something unhealthy and abnormal which robs the second half of life of its purpose. I therefore consider the religious teaching of a life hereafter consonant with the standpoint of psychic hygiene.” And people who do not have it will miss something, because during that last third of life there will be little to which they can look forward. That is why we often see the last third of a man’s life appear to decline when it should be another great ex­perience and a subjective preparation for some- thing even more sublime.

Ernest Holmes.

She Holds the Sky

In honour of our oneness, and of every season shared. Namaste to all, from Amras.

Arithmetic= Number in itself
Geometry= Number in space
Music/Harmonies= Number in time
Astronomy= Number in space and time


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Pithy, The Golden Mean Section

The Golden Mean is one of many names given to the system of measurement and design used by ancient artists, sculptures and architects to create highly aesthetic forms of unsurpassed beauty. The ugliness of so much 20th century architecture is due to the absence of spiritual proportion in favour of economy.  In the schools I attended, scorn was encouraged rather than respect for the values of our ancestors.


The Golden Mean was considered by Pythagoras, the Egyptians, the Druids, and other ancient schools of wisdom, to be clear evidence of the mind of God at work in nature. It is present in all living structures.  The human body was considered to be the measuring stick of the universe.  Its proportions embody the canon of the “Phi* Ratio”.  While the Phi, or Golden Ratio was formalized in mathematics, its natural counterpart was discovered by the monk Leonardo Fibonacci, who preceded Da Vinci by about 250 years. When Fibonacci studied growth patterns in plants he noted that their leaves emerge in a spiraling formation that demonstrates a significant angular and numerical sequence: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 35 – 56, etc., where the next number is the sum of the preceding two numbers. This was a remarkable discovery as it synchronizes with the ancient math used to calculate the Phi ratio. This is why the ancients considered sacred geometry to be the Creators signature made visible in nature.  From the spiral of a snail-shell to the spiral of the galaxy, the Fibonacci sequence is everywhere; even in our bones.  This also applies to the study of crystal atomic geometry.  Even our cells, from conception, grow in perfect geometric proportion.

Human anatomical geometry is said to be the measuring rule of the universe. The large green circle surrounding our man on the left side of the picture below corresponds to the diameter of the Earth, while the small circles of the “Flower of Life” (also called the “Cosmic Fish Net”) which make the human Merkaba, correspond in exact proportion to the diameter of the moon. The Flower of Life pattern is the matrix of Metatron’s Cube; which is the foundation of all atomic phenomena and houses the Platonic Solids: which are the at the heart of all crystal geometry.  This is a geometrically verifiable fact. It is also somewhat intriguing that the ancients knew to a high degree of accuracy the circumference and diameters of the Earth and the moon extrapolated from, amongst other things, study of the human form. They did not think that the Earth was flat. This notion was enforced during the dark ages. The centre of the upper circle, where the apex of the male tetrahedron ends, is the exact location of the causal chakra. To repeat, the large circle corresponds to the circumference of the earth and the small circles to the circumference of the moon when the human body is measured with sacred geometry.

The Fibonacci spiral originating with our lady in the yellow background above, contains its male counterpart in the straight lines drawn inside it. Note that when we position the spiral so that the straight male line intersects the lady’s navel, the male line of the spiral on the mans body intersects his genitals. This synchronicity is significant on the energetic levels for the processes of conception and birth.  In the final picture on the right of the diagram below, we have emphasised the Golden Mean heart as this symbolises the universal harmony that underlies our gender and our geometric relationship with the planet.  The Man is set in the square while the lady is set in the circle.  The geometry is appropriate.  Whichever way you look at it, we are crystals at the centre of our being.
*”Phi”, being a Greek word, rhymes with ‘high’.
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We are Diamonds at the Centre of Our Being


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English: Table of harmonics
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In the 1920s a German scientist, Hans Kayser, a student of Pythagoras, found that the mathematical ratios of musical harmonics were identical to those at the basis of all the laws of chemistry, physics, astronomy, architecture, and botany. In fact, all the natural sciences; including Crystallography.

Musical Ratios are calculated by use of the Monochord, (dividing a string on a musical instrument into fractions. These precise fractions locate the harmonics on the string).  Following the logic of these facts, musical ratios correspond to those used in geometry. Think of the radius of a circle.

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Harmony effects the environment, which echoes harmonics in reply.  (For example, to a note struck on an instrument, or sung).  Musicians are well acquainted with this phenomenon, but to the layperson it may take a little concentration. Try singing a note in a silent room, and listening for the echo.  If there is a stringed musical instrument present, it will “sing” in reply . If not, then listen for how various hollow objects vibrate to the sound of your voice immediately after you sing a note.

Harmonics also involve the orbits of bodies in space.  Calculate the time a planet takes to revolve on its’ axis (its’ day) with the time it takes to orbit the sun, and you find its’ note. The music of the spheres.

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Prof. Winfried Otto Schumann  discovered that the early astronauts were growing sick due to a lack of something in space that Earth provided. He had a spacecraft fitted with a box that emitted frequencies at 7.83 hz. and that did the trick.  This has been standard practise in all manned space travel since that time.

The Schumann frequency is created by the sum of all the electrical activities existing in the atmosphere. This frequency has a very Long Wavelength that travels around the planet at close to the speed of light.  It takes less than one eighth of a second to orbit the Earth. It ranges at frequencies 5 – 50 hz, and averages at 7.83hz. The same as Om. It is also called the optimal healing frequency.

Note: 1 Hertz = one cycle in a sound wave per second.

In case you are now wondering what has all this got to do with crystals let’s explain.  The surface of the Earth is crystalline. It is mostly silicon quartz plus all the other minerals. The core of the Earth is a strange manifestation of iron in a unique crystal lattice.  Silicon is piezoelectric in nature. It is used in computers, watches, etc. Iron, as we all know is highly conductive of electricity and magnetism, (which is also a form of electricity).

Our bodies, made up entirely of minerals as they are, are crystalline, and as such resonate with the rhythms of the electromagnetic frequencies which surround and permeate every cell.

If long-term, disharmony in the body will manifest a mineral imbalance of one sort or  another.  Crystals retain perfect mineral balance despite harmful disruptions in the local atmospheric frequencies.  Their powerful, stable mineral signature resonates the stronger harmonic frequency in response to that of the minerals in the body.

A well-chosen crystal or two, carried in the pockets, will work tirelessly.

Harmonic Couple

Another way to understand the Law of Harmonics is to realize that, like it or not, we all reap everything that we sow.   Fear not, good folk, for judgement is fearful only for the wicked – see not you that this is so?

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Needless it should be to say, but said it must be: Nothing written on this website should be considered before professional medical advice in the case of any medical condition whatsoever. And, only an idiot, or a complete curmudgeon would believe otherwise!
Please feel free to use excerpts and links from this original copyright material on the provision that you are respectful with it and say where you got it:

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