At The Limit


Btrfly2 Btrfly3 Btrfly4 Btrfly5 Btrfly6 Btrfly7

Greetings, I start by  apologising for the poor quality of these pics. They were taken at the limit of the digital zoom that I was using, through a window. The reason I am sharing though, is to celebrate the signs of the times; and an ‘Indian Summer’ that is just coming to its end.

Recently, I tweeted ‘There was never a September so lovely, as has just passed. And now, one full week into October, I can still see butterflies at my window!’

For myself, I am very grateful for the unexpected state of meteorological clemency, which since August, we Brits have enjoyed. (We must have done something good!)

So, please enjoy the pics for what they are, a celebration of something good.

Why I feel so strongly about butterflies, is because I remember the decades when they were a rare sight in our lands. During my youth this saddened me. In the early ’70s, I counted up to none for a couple of years running. Their numbers though, have been recovering for decades. I have, however, never counted as many of these bright, elusive creatures as have been flitting happily around us here since August.

Can anyone remember that fantastic Dutch crop circle* from 2009? Kudos to the folk who constructed that one, it was very clever, (I suspect a zeitgeist is involved with the making of these things.)

With that, I bid you peace, and the blessing of an informed and rational optimism. Namaste from **Amras Arcamenel.


We can easily forgive a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. ~ Plato



**Amras being the name of an elf, and Arcamenel, meaning ‘Pray to Heaven’. from Tolkien’s Quenya, an elvish language.













A friend returns to the garden.


Finally, a sunny day.  Quite cold, but sunny.  And the long-awaited blooms have returned to the dress the bare magnolia.  I wanted to share the moments, so here they are, in pics. I hope you like them, and I also hope to return with lots more pics, very soon.

Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Francis Moloney.

Blighty Still Mightily White

snowtime ww13

snowtime 020

snowtime 030

snowtime ww11






From the Land of Snow, still waiting for the Sun. But the view from my window still dazzles. Here are a few more pics taken recently by Amanda. They show how, down here in our corner of fairyland, we are still feeling the chilled breath of the North. I hope you like them.

Below are the words to a song I wrote for a Folk-Rock group that I joined once. I think it was 1970, or thereabouts.  It was definitely in Wintertime though.


Winter’s Snow falling down

Hungry birds search the ground

Cold my face, my hands, my feet

Warm my heart, the spirit’s heat

Far the sky, purple night

Very high, beyond sight

I will fly, string and kite

Snowdrop’s sigh, feather light

Blowing cloud, chilly wind

Through the trees, out and in

Flowing through purple night

Golden glow, spirit light

Thrown away body’s binds

Down to lay for to find

Warmer ways, peaceful mind

Thousand petalled lotus shines

Winter’s snow falling down

Sings its song, makes no sound

Sitting high on a hill

Smiling face, keeping still

Cold around cannot bite

Gentle sound turning sight

Love is found, burning bright

Snow falls ’round purple night


And with that, I bid you peace, and Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

Blighty White 4

Winter Walk 13

Winter Walk 18

Winter Walk 17 copy 2

Winter Walk 24

Winter Walk 23

Winter Walk 27

Winter Walk 25

Winter Walk 29

Winter Walk 28

Today I am too uncomfortable to write very much, the old symptoms are throwing tantrums at me again. Never mind. I am dedicating todays pics to those who never get to to experience the sight of snow, and to the featured photographers.  Hope to be back soon. From the hilly Midlands of Old Blighty, Namaste from Amras.


One live seed buried in a barren field,

Waiting for the rains of spring.


Photography ©Amanda & Luke Moloney:2013.

Blighty White 3 – The Adventures of Emily!

snowtime 043They seek her here.

snowtime 042They seek her there.

snowtime 041They seek her almost everywhere.

snowtime 1“Where’s that greyhound?”

snowtime 2“Over here?”

snowtime 3“There she is, in the distance, chilling”

snowtime 024 “Do you like my coat?”

snowtime 022 copy“This way”.

snowtime 4Watch me while I bravely stalk this dangerous clump of snow! ”

snowtime 025“I think that deserves a biscuit or two”.


It’s so good of my family to take these pictures for me to post. They do what I can’t, so that I may then do what I can. Thank you so much A & L. Tonight I have introduced our family’s chief representative from the animal kingdoms, our own “Caribbean Emily” or Emmie.  She was rescued by Amanda in 2010, just days from death; and look at her now.

Thank you to all visitors for your likes, and comments. You’ve given me so much validation for my efforts here, and I thank the benevolent cosmos for putting us all together on this beautiful globe at such an exciting time. Namaste from Amras.


“And when we do write from the heart; in the most sincere and succinct ways, though we may not hear applause, or get a handshake, our readers will know, and they will appreciate that.”   Aina Balagtas:


Photography ©Amanda & Luke Moloney: 2013.