Contemplating Daisies

Here we go again, with freshly picked pics from our garden. I hope you enjoy them. The golden fellow seen contemplating daisies is Kato, one of our rescued greyhounds. Ironically, unlike his famous namesake, our Kato isn’t a very brave fellow. 

This final pic is a cross-eye 3D double. If you are comfortable using this technique, then please enjoy the result. If on the other hand you have trouble doing this, then please don’t try – it’s not worth a headache.

Until next time… keep seeking peace.

What was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep? That was when you were born.

You are something that the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole universe.

Alan Watts.


Down to Earth

Greetings. I hope you are keeping well. The above pics, taken somewhere deep in the hills of England, were sent by our regular contributor, Chris. He took them a few days ago, during one of his hikes. Please enjoy.

Thirty years ago to this night, (28th October), while coming home very late from the hospital where I worked, I was set upon, and overpowered by thugs. They broke my skull, cheekbone, and several teeth. A shard of skull pierced my eye, and my brain was exposed. Shortly after, I was back in hospital, only this time lying in intensive care. I was acutely aware when I was Cheyne-Stoking, and knew that my life was ebbing away. I knew when my heart stopped. I heard the cardiac monitor, and the anxious voices of my medical team, all fading fast into the distance. 

Next, I was somewhere very different. I was completely free from pain, and found myself enjoying a rather elevated sense of mental awareness. In this calm space, I held a conversation with a wise soul, who told me that I had the choice to go on ahead at his side, or return to earth, if I was willing to face severe pain, and several other challenges that would ensue.

In that moment, there was no question in my mind that the happiness of my earthly family mattered more to me than any difficulties I might have to face. I elected without hesitation, and with my deepest gratitude, to return to mission earth. Heaven, after all, is eternal, while the life of the body is, by comparison, but the blink of a blackbirds eye.

I required three operations. It took nearly a year to put me back together. I was informed that my eye would have been lost if I hadn’t had the extreme good fortune of having one of this country’s top eye surgeons.

And here I am, thirty years later to the day, telling you all about it. I hope you don’t mind. If I learned anything that night, it was knowing what really matters the most in life. And, I just so want all to know there is nothing to fear when your conscience is clear.

With thanks to all who stop by.  I really hope you enjoy these posts. Though I find it quite a task at times to keep up with everyone, know that I’m still here at my keyboard, pacing myself as the day allows. Perhaps the coming new year will bring more energy my way.

Until next time, peace from Amras.

“If you live decent, what do you need with lucky charms?”

Nora Batty.

Photography ©C.H.

The One And Only


Coming Home


At that moment I heard the roar of a massive force of wind rushing towards me. Then total silence – save the voice of rev. Reese. I knew I was in the presence of God. The awesome power of that sound and the vastness of God’s presence were only matched by the tenderness with which they completely surrounded and engulfed me – enfolding me, filling me, and moving through me. I felt as though it was holding and caressing my very heart.  As it did, the heaviness of a thousand hurts, disappointments, and fears was lifted from me. Images, scenes, and faces of people I once associated with those feelings flashed through my mind, and I realised I no longer felt any pain. Tears of relief, release, and exultation poured down my face. I felt as though my soul was being cradled and lifted with love and by love itself.  Every cell in my body was being lifted up, and I felt my soul expanding, filling, and then encompassing my entire body. My being was at once within me and outside of me.  All physical sense of my body and surroundings fell away.  I was one with God and God was within me and was me. Everything within me was outside of me and was me. There was no separation. There were no boundaries. There was no sense of individuality. Only oneness. I was part of a vast ocean of consciousness. Everything was God and nothing but God existed. In that moment I remembered who I was, whose I was, and I knew I was home. My entire being vibrated with the joy of that knowledge, as though I was joy itself. There was no beginning and no end. There was no past or future: All time was now and eternal. And I knew this was eternity. There was no death, only Life. I knew Life is God, and God is Love, and I was inside of that Love that is God. I knew that everything material – all sadness, sickness, poverty, wealth, success, and fame – was all an illusion. I realised that what I was experiencing was the one and only reality there is.

From ‘A Spiritual Baptism’  by Tina Tevas Ingram.


With thanks to all readers, I hope you find inspiration in these words. Namaste from Amras.


Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

Immanent Domain

Immanent Domain

Thank so much, you to my fellow bloggers, for your ongoing encouragement and advice; you always help to keep me going: and  I am very grateful.

May you all enjoy great celebrations over the next several days, as I intend to do.  Our son’s birthday being on the winter solstice, (while Amanda’s birthday is on the summer solstice,) I am surrounded by children of the mystery, and I love it.

Tonight’s artwork, plays with the notion of “eminent domain” but here given in a wholesome and heavenly context. After all, if we are to create a better world for our descendants, then even the ways we construct sentences must be weighed and focussed upon that end. Mindfulness of language is intended to encourage a U-turn in the deepest seat of consciousness, so that lost becomes found, and confusion becomes clarity.  And after all, who doesn’t want to be reborn into a better world?

I hope to return before Christmas, but for now, enjoy this momentous day, and  Namaste from Amras.

Summer solstice
Summer solstice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Finally, may we indeed, keep in our hearts, that our humble blogs are the spirits that keep the World Wide Web humane. Let use this gift to flourish as a person! Let us cherish one another! And be thankful of one another, because at some point, we did touched our respective lives.”  ~ Aina Balagtas

Winter solstice
Winter solstice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Art ©Francis Moloney: 2012.

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