While it Lasts

A Happy New Year to everybody. In these photos you can see how mild, and muddy we are having it for the time of year. It was chillier, in fact, throughout July and August than it is today. You won’t hear any complaints, however, from local folk, who are enjoying it while it lasts.

My brotherly thanks to all readers, and fellow bloggers. If sometimes I can be a bit slow to respond to you, this is due entirely to the ups and downs of living daily with an infirmity.

Meanwhile, a brand new year of opportunity beckons, and, when we look for them, opportunities to do good come to each one of us every day.

With my best wishes to everyone: peace from Amras.


The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity

And the ways our differences combine to create 

meaning, and beauty.

 Gene Roddenberry.



Photography ©Amanda Moloney.





As individuals, working out our freedom, we want to get away from argument, from hurts, from trying to force our opinions on others, from pretending, and from the feeling that we have to suffer other people’s criticism. This can be come in one, and only one, way: by seeing right through all this camouflage to the eternal Spirit back of each one of us, the One Mind in which we all “live and move and have our be­ing.” All are made out of the same Stuff. When we unify, in love, with Life, we talk in a universal language with which we can speak to prince or pauper.

~ Ernest Holmes.


When wickedness throws down the gauntlet, victory belongs to hearts at peace.

Boy, have I got a story to tell you. Over the holiday, our savings were gutted by parties unidentified. They left us with fresh air to pay our winter bills. Bad time to pick on disabled folk.

Alongside this, Amanda had a punctured tyre, and my stairlift broke down, imprisoning me. Things looked bad.

However, after three phone calls, and no loss of comfort, everything was fixed. We sold a few things, and the rolling storm was transformed back into a fragrant zephyr. I expect fully, that when the perpetrator(s) are rumbled, our stolen monies will be returned too. This story can only get better.

So, there it is. It was bad, but we’ve weathered worse. It made no dent on the peace, and sacredness of our Christmas, and neither should it have. I dearly hope that every reader had a peaceful celebration too.


Today, for the first time this New Year, I found the stamina to write a little. While I would love to blog more, my health is a challenging companion. Winter is my least favourite time of year, (except when it snows), because all my activities are so severely curtailed. Darn!

Be that as it may, I hope sincerely, that you, dear reader, are of good cheer today. I hope too that you enjoyed the quote by the brilliant Ernest Holmes, it will be the last for now. Although it’s been a couple of decades since I read his books, I remember them very fondly still.

For a great close-up view, why not try tapping on the above pic. This photo, taken in Limassol, Cyprus, amused me, and seemed àpropos of our story, inasmuch as it just goes to show that appearances are illusionary indeed.

Until next time, peace, and namaste from Amras.


“When the soul is without blemish, it can rise far above the highest mountains.”  

~ Apollonius.

Photography ©Francis Moloney.

On the Twelfth Day



On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, I thought you’d like to see,

*Our New Year local jubilee.

Greetings, I hope the New Year is one of promise for everyone.  My sincere thanks to all followers and likers, for looking in. Together, may we keep on blogging, thus linking our corners of this wonderful world, with friendship and respect.

Namaste from Amras.

Photography ©Francis Moloney.

* Instead of a dozen plangent percussionists.

For All Who Dance to The Beat of Their Hearts

Flight of The Ka


Gone forever, lies that bound you,
Cast away, they fall behind you,
Never more to mute and blind you,
All your longings now have found you,
Never more can sorrow bind you.


Namaste, when I began this blog, last January, I was uncertain over whether or not I would still have a physical nature at the years’ end. (And what a magical year it was.) But here I am, preparing for another year of posting. And in both silence, and in sound, I am very grateful that it is so.

I believe that we are all stronger and wiser than we were a year ago, and therefore each and every one of us is also stronger and wiser we’ve ever been before. And that can’t be a bad insight at the start of a new year, can it.  The magical mystery tour that was 2012 has revealed us to each other. Now we know that we are One.

This year I feel that we have finally revealed ourselves to ourselves, while revealing ourselves to each other. Friendship is the amazing and unexpected treasure that we have discovered waiting for us in every neighbourhood. We’ve broken down the walls of time, space, and our limited awareness. Now we know that we all share every heartbeat, and that we are safe to raise our heads, unfold, and become just children of life, simply sharing and blessing the very air that we breathe; at long last.
The frail and the meek stand effortlessly together now. For now our intentions are clear, and our voices are united; and the world is, perforce, listening. Welcome 2013, (Buddhist year 2556.)

The numerology suggests a time for healing, justice, and service to others for the West: whilst the East might look forward to manifesting it’s deserved wealth and abundance, bolstered with a new sense of adventure.

So even the illusionary hours of the great numerological clockwork timepiece that is Lady Maya can reliably promise better dreams to come for all who dance to the beat of their hearts.

May every single one of you good readers have a Blessed and Peaceful New Year.
(And remember what peace there may be in silence.)

See you in the New Year, Amras.


Art  “Flight of The Ka” ©Francis Moloney: 2012.