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This was inspired by the concept of the violet flame. A good portal for meditation.  It is intended to complement my most recent post, (Zen, and The Cosmic Crystal Monad.) Thanks to NASA for the background.  Click on the pic for a big view, and please enjoy.

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When Earth was forming, inside clouds of living star-dust, those molecules created to become Heavy Elements, chiefly iron, fell into the spinning centre to form the hot core.  The core spins slightly faster than the cool surface. Our mysterious magnetic field originates in the molten core.  The core is believed to have a unique geometry, making it more of a crystal than a vat of fire.  Also, water lives alongside fire under our feet. It came in with the other elements that created the Earth. It does not evaporate because it exists inside a sort of sealed pressure cooker.  There is enough water hidden beneath us to replenish the oceans many times over.




While the heavier elements sink, the lighter elements rise up to form the outer layers of the planet, the Silicates. This rising, cooling, and falling again is a constant, living “Bio-Rhythm” of our planet, pulsing over time.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are linked to perturbations in these in the flows of magma.

Think of the world as densities of liquid, and the surface as rippling waves. Europe rises and sinks a few feet every day.






From planets to moons, to dust in space, down to the very ground we stand on, there is a lot of tonnage of quartz.  That is a very large vibrational field that spans the universe, and it can be tapped into.


A related subject.  In 2004, the boffins at NASA discovered that the outer sections of the rings of Saturn are chiefly composed of ice, while closer to the planet the ring particles are chiefly made of iron.  This is due to the same activity that takes place in the formation of the Earth.


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