Heartfelt Truths

Greetings this day to you. In a few days it will be February, yet barely a blink has passed since Christmas. Interesting times indeed. I am having some difficulty keeping up with the pace of things, so once again please forgive me if I am a little slow to respond to your visits. With so much happening in the world at large, it is vital to remain centred in our deepest, most heartfelt truths. This is how our daily spiritual practise will empower us to become more willing and capable of seeking and honouring those living truths in the face of any and all adversity.

The above pics were taken in December, in Matlock Bath, England; along with the colourful fish seen in our older post,  In The Waiting. The keen-eyed amongst you with a few seconds to spare, might spot a couple of tweaks I added to one or two of todays pics. Good hunting.

Before I leave you, I would like to request your prayers for my brother Philip, who has fallen quite ill very suddenly. I mentioned him last April in the post “Strictly Speaking” https://amras888.wordpress.com/2016/04/. He has a strong spirit, and our fingers are crossed tight for him. The next few days should tell.

With that it’s leave-taking time for me. Until next time, and as always, Peace and Namaste from Amras.

“All good counsel begins in the same way; a man should know what
he is advising about, or his counsel will all come to nought. But
people imagine that they know about the nature of things, when they
don’t know about them, and, not having come to an understanding at
first because they think that they know, they end, as might be
expected, in contradicting one another and themselves. Now you and I
must not be guilty of this fundamental error which we condemn in

Socrates to Phaedrus.

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.


As it Stands










Greetings, and salutations to you, dear readers, and friends. The observant amongst you will have noticed that we have been absent from the blogosphere for a while. This was caused by the advent of a number of extreme difficulties, experienced on top of a number of already existing extreme difficulties; by me.

As it stands, my days are spent addressing these new and developing conditions, and this has, of course, impacted my blogging, as well as all other activities.

However, when we choose to rise to our challenges, no matter how much they would overwhelm, then surely we honour the purpose of our creation. After all, each and every one of us, was born, tailor-made to live our own unique and very personal lives.

A few months ago, it looked, once again, as though I were done for. But I wasn’t. Now I am due only one more hospital visit for this year. If there should be any further untoward developments, I will let you know, if I can.

So, while I cannot guarantee a regular return to the fold, I’ll do what I may. Today is the International Day of Peace, and as this blog has declared universal peace on more than one occasion, I felt it fitting that I should make every effort to add our voices once again, into this great chorus rising from the hearts of humanity.

In the near future I hope to introduce you to the photography of my globe-trotting friend, Chris. He has offered, very kindly, to let me to post some of his travel pics here.

In the meantime, the pics above were taken by me near where we live. I hope you enjoy them. It was my first day out that wasn’t spent in hospital since May, and my eyes simply devoured the scenery. Amanda took many pics too, and I hope to get some of those posted soon. Unfortunately, we arrived a day late for the farmers show, but we did meet a friendly straggler in the field. He had forgotten to bring home his wife’s prize potted plant from the day before, poor man.

Before signing off, I will spend a few minutes in silence. If you are a keen reader, why not join me, before moving on, and share in a prayer for peace. d14

Until next time, Namaste from Amras.

A normal human nervous system is potentially superior to that of an animal’s. For the sake of sanity, and balanced development, each individual must learn to orient himself to the real world around him. There are methods of training by which this can be done.

From “The Pawns of Null-A” by A.E. van Vogt.

The Winners Take All









We study so hard, reading, practicing, meditating, ever more and more; to generate ever more inspiration for ourselves.

In consequence of this, if we are ethical and discerning individuals, who follow our hearts, we will encode our bodies with the genetic and subtle information intended to ensure that in the future, we are *born knowing, and owning all that material.

This releases the old stresses from our minds, and we are now set free to explore ever greater heights of awareness, and unity.

Just as our ancestors strove for our sakes, so we strive to develop the light of learning within ourselves, on the behalf those waiting to be born. It is for our honour.

As surely as that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the consequences for souls who “turn a blind eye” to other’s suffering are certain to be unhappiness in equal measure. It’s blindingly obvious.

A future blessed by innocence, or marred by guilt are the choices we face; and, either way, the winners take all.

Kindness is the key to the door of the branch of knowledge that is useful – and harmless is the fruit that life craves most.


*We are born with every breath.


Until next time, with good wishes from Amras – who is functioning currently at acceptable parameters; Namaste.



“A hundred times every day I remind myself that

my inner and outer life depend upon the labours of other men, living and dead,

and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure

as I have received and am still receiving.”

~ Albert Einstein.

The images were taken at Chichester Cathedral ~ Photography ©Luke Moloney.

Strong And Sure



May my thoughts be ever pure,

From true love my actions spring,

May my ways be strong and sure,

And my heart, life’s praises sing.




Words I repeated in my mind four decades ago, whenever I found myself becoming bored by tedious tasks.  I hope they may be useful.


I would love to have enough energy to post something new every day, but I don’t.  Lately, after hours of reading, I seem to need  more and more time resting away from my computer. Never the less, reading the wonderful blogs created by you, the highly talented WP family, never fails to inspire me with the wish to contribute more work.  Thank you all.


The photo is a macro of a rare specimen of Star Hollandite Quartz.  Said to be useful for folk who are seeking their soul’s purpose in the present incarnation.  I feel it is an appropriate crystal to complement the mantra. 


With thoughts for peace, Namaste from Amras. 



Inner Crystal
“We are Crystals at the Centre of our Beings.”


Art & Photography ©Francis Moloney.



Tonight’s artwork is called simply  “Healing Crystals”. Crystals are everywhere, and every-when; when you hold one you hold them all!

This is the last post in the series, and with it, I sincerely hope that you will find your interest rewarded.

This metaphysical subject may take a little time to absorb, but it’s well worth it, and the best thing is, it’s fun.

Here are the last five minerals required by organic life, along with our suggested crystals:


Zinc is a trace mineral in the body.



Selenium  is a trace mineral in the body.



Molybdenum  is a trace mineral in the body.



Tin is also a trace mineral in the body.




Here are our links for your cross-referencing.

So, there we are, a foundation of very useful knowledge for the student of crystal therapy.

Look after yourself and your crystals will look after you.


If you wish to experience a Crystal Therapy for the first time, ensure that your therapist is qualified and accredited.

Crystal Therapists do not use the word “diagnose,” they detect energy “blockages”.

They refer to energetic blockages, and not diagnostic diseases.

Crystal Healers do not “cure,” they apply therapy.

They may not make medical referrals, as this implies a diagnosis.

Therapists never suggest that healing replaces orthodox medical treatment, or that anyone should discontinue their current medical treatment.

Make sure you are happy and comfortable with your therapist.

Remember, therapy is a three-way flow between you, your chosen crystals, and your therapist, acting as the bridge.

Next. a short bibliography of books we recommend:


The Rocks and Minerals of the World – A guide to field identification.   By Charles Sorrell & George Sandstrom.

Collins 1973.

Photographic Guide to Minerals of the World.    Ole Johnsen.  Oxford Natural History 2002.

Love Is In The Earth- A kaleidoscope Of Crystals, by Melody.  Earth Love Publishing House.

Love Is In The Earth- Supplement Z, by Melody. Earth Love Publishing House 1999.

Let Light Into Your Heart – With Colour and Sound. Renee Brodie. Aroma Art Ltd. 2001.

Crystal Power Crystal Healing – The Complete Handbook. Michael Gienger.  Blandford 2003.

The Crystal Healer –  Marianna Sheldrake. C W Daniel 2000.

New Cosmic Crystals – The Ultimate Course In Crystal Consciousness. R.A. Bonewitz  Thorsons 2000.

The Crystal Bible – Volumes 1 & 2. Godsfield Press Ltd.

The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life – Vols 1 – 2   Drunvalo Melchizedek. Light Technology Publishing 2000

The Field –  Lynne McTaggart, Element 2001.

The God Code – Gregg Braden, Hay House 2004

I also recommend you find out all you can about the work of Marcel Vogel, you will be amazed.
We Are Crystals
And with that, the bulk of our posts on crystal therapy are done. That is to say that I haven’t planned much beyond this point. In fact, I am deeply in gratitude to this Benevolent Cosmos, for allowing me to stay up to this point. And, I am happy and grateful to remain in the swing of things, alongside the good folk of Planet Earth!
There will be more on the subject after I have rummaged through the old notes, but in the meanwhile art and photography will occupy these posts.  Thank you most sincerely to everyone who drops by, you are always very welcome. I will endeavour to keep up with as many of your inspiring blogs as my daily energy ration allows. Until next time, Namaste from Amras (Francis).


Copyright © Amanda and Francis Moloney: 2012.


Needless it should be to say, but said it must be: Nothing written on this website should be considered before professional medical advice in the case of any medical condition whatsoever. And, only an idiot, or a complete curmudgeon would believe otherwise!