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The purpose for learning crystal metaphysics is to better understand ourselves. Self is experienced in the body via feelings, emotions, and the kind of attention to muscle perception that is called proprioception. By developing this kind of awareness we learn to identify the sensations that indicate the influence of our chakras and our subtle bodies upon the physical organs.

With a basic knowledge of our physical organs, (where they are, what they do, what their chief mineral compositions are), we can learn to observe the ways that our thoughts and feelings effect those organs, and vice-versa.

Developing this awareness will guide us to the stable source of primary awareness within.

Crystals are a source of pure, stable energy, existing in a solid mineral state. Because they don’t become ill, they can (when the medium of the mind is involved with the process) emit frequencies that will tend to tune our body cells.

Emotions are felt in our bodies by the actions of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is our emotional self in physical manifestation. Emotional issues affect the health of the hormone producing glands. It is known that we feel our feelings far speedier than the hormones can  convey them to our bodies, this implies that we are first and foremost an energetic field of awareness and not just a physical machine.

Emotional vulnerability, once isolated from self-indulgence, contains the potential of great discovery. Vulnerability exposes sensitivity. Sensitivity is pure feeling. Informed sensitivity is a better form of  data gathering than is relying on preconceptions, projections and anal tightening. Informed sensitivity knows when it is truly appropriate to raise or drop shields, allowing us to relax and trust ourselves.

Love is a vibration. It has been postulated that love is a long, coherent wave form that actually interfaces with the helixes of the DNA, helping encode and make frequency shifts. Fear on the other hand, it has also been postulated, is a short, incoherent wave that creates the opposite effect on DNA. Experiments were done in a laboratory not long ago in which a DNA strand was unbraided. Then a group of researchers working solely with the vibration of love as a thoughtform gathered around this unbraided DNA and beamed love at it. The DNA recoiled itself. What an exraordinary experiment and what a remarkable result.

Jonathan Goldman   ‘ Healing Sounds, The Power of Harmonics’  2002.

list of the hormones found in the endocrine gl...
list of the hormones found in the endocrine glandes on the nervous system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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