Walking on Velvet Green

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This is part two in our sequence of pics from Amanda’s recent trek through windy Wales. Today’s title, which felt appropriate, is from an old “Jethro Tull” song.  I hope you like.

I want also to thank all who have commented recently, and those who have chosen to follow. Your kindness and encouragement is deeply appreciated by me. You give me the incentive I need to overcome the difficulties I experience when writing.

I should be back very soon, perhaps even with more words to say.  Until then, blessings, and namaste, from Amras.


“As long as we cherish each other, we can never be alone.

 We need each other, each and every one.

We are one in every way, undivided, – swimming eternally within

the currents of the ocean that has no surfaces.”

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.



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