The Red Carpet

Greetings. How beautiful is this world: created for us.  I can never find words adequate to describe the wonder of being alive. The red carpet is rolled before the feet of a monarch; and are we not, each and everyone of us, the anointed monarch of our own lives? To take these pics, I need to be driven into the forest, which is otherwise within walking distance. From there, I lean against the car, or hobble for a few feet, using my trusty walking stick to save me from an undignified tumble. On this occasion, as you can see, the said carpet had been prepared in advance. The local church, atop the hill, crowns the forest. I enjoyed immensely the job of taking these pics, and hope sincerely that you enjoy viewing them.

I want to take this occasion to thank everyone who drops by this blog. Your visits are appreciated thoroughly, and may I say too, that your blogs are always inspiring to me. So, despite the howling cacophony that thunders on without, peace is real, and is found only within. And within every blog I read, I sense a longing for that peace to be shared.

May those of us for whom peace is the both the destination, and the path, be ever more mindful of this truth in the crazy days just ahead.

Hoping as ever to return soon. Namaste, and peace from Amras.


Every time you take a positive action on the basis

of a high-level consideration, you establish

certainties of courage, self-assurance

and skills.





P.S., It seems that scoundrels are attempting to charge money online for photographs and original artworks from this site. Do not be duped.


Photography©Francis Moloney.

The Winners Take All









We study so hard, reading, practicing, meditating, ever more and more; to generate ever more inspiration for ourselves.

In consequence of this, if we are ethical and discerning individuals, who follow our hearts, we will encode our bodies with the genetic and subtle information intended to ensure that in the future, we are *born knowing, and owning all that material.

This releases the old stresses from our minds, and we are now set free to explore ever greater heights of awareness, and unity.

Just as our ancestors strove for our sakes, so we strive to develop the light of learning within ourselves, on the behalf those waiting to be born. It is for our honour.

As surely as that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the consequences for souls who “turn a blind eye” to other’s suffering are certain to be unhappiness in equal measure. It’s blindingly obvious.

A future blessed by innocence, or marred by guilt are the choices we face; and, either way, the winners take all.

Kindness is the key to the door of the branch of knowledge that is useful – and harmless is the fruit that life craves most.


*We are born with every breath.


Until next time, with good wishes from Amras – who is functioning currently at acceptable parameters; Namaste.



“A hundred times every day I remind myself that

my inner and outer life depend upon the labours of other men, living and dead,

and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure

as I have received and am still receiving.”

~ Albert Einstein.

The images were taken at Chichester Cathedral ~ Photography ©Luke Moloney.

Every Experience


I forgive everything, everyone, every experience,

every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness.

I forgive positively everyone.

I also forgive myself for past mistakes.

The Source is Love, and I am forgiven and governed by universal love alone.

This love is now readjusting my life. Realising this, I abide in peace.

Charles Fillmore.


A few years ago I found myself becoming unpleasantly disposed towards a rather silly and irksome relative, who was attempting to misappropriate some family inheritance from us. (Roll eyes in despair.)  Well, of course, he just made a fool of himself, but I, being unable to leave my bed to work out my anger, was in danger of stewing. This event had triggered my *vasana’s, and they were in overdrive.  Spontaneous Combustion seemed likely.


I Googled  “Affirmations for Forgiveness.”  Charles Fillmore’s words were wonderful. I made a voice recording, hid it under “pink noise,” and added a binaural beat using “Audacity” (Free Download) to induce Theta brain wave activity. The Theta brain wave state allows suggestions to be stamped upon the unconscious mind.


I’m sure there was no need to be so thorough, and that simply reciting the words is sufficient, but I meant business.  Growing alert to how “isolated” events can open a Pandora’s Box lurking in our emotional landscapes is worth every effort. If our responses to these events are born from undesirable urges, then the doors to heaven slam shut on us. Not so much as a single molecule of indignation can ever be allowed to cross that veil.


So, my deepest thanks to Charles Fillmore, for his wonderful inspiration, and to you, my readers.

Reading and writing can be surprisingly painful and exhausting endeavours for me at times, so thank you for your patience when my posts are more sporadic than I would like.


Looking forward to the Spring…..Namaste from Amras.


*Conditioned tendencies and dispositions.


Photograph ©Francis Moloney.