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From all of us here at Amras888


May we walk together, in Peace, from this day on.


In The Blue Corner

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Namaste, and greetings. My health is making it difficult to use my computer at present. Hence, my diminished internet presence.

Never mind, today I wish to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of summer to our hills and valleys.  The above pics were taken in the shadows of our magnolia tree, and a red theme will follow. I hope you like them.


I deeply appreciate the likes and follows we receive here. And I am  thankful too to you wonderful new followers who have recently come on board. If I am ever slow to respond to a comment, please forgive me, I’m probably unable to write on those days.


Until next time, may it be soon, peace from Amras.


“Finally, may we indeed, keep in our hearts, that our humble blogs are the spirits that keep the World Wide Web humane. Let us use this gift to flourish as people! Let us cherish one another! And be thankful for one another, because at some point, we touch our respective lives.”  ~ Aina Balagtas https://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.com

Photgraphy ©Francis Moloney.












A friend returns to the garden.


Finally, a sunny day.  Quite cold, but sunny.  And the long-awaited blooms have returned to the dress the bare magnolia.  I wanted to share the moments, so here they are, in pics. I hope you like them, and I also hope to return with lots more pics, very soon.

Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Francis Moloney.

Immanent Domain

Immanent Domain

Thank so much, you to my fellow bloggers, for your ongoing encouragement and advice; you always help to keep me going: and  I am very grateful.

May you all enjoy great celebrations over the next several days, as I intend to do.  Our son’s birthday being on the winter solstice, (while Amanda’s birthday is on the summer solstice,) I am surrounded by children of the mystery, and I love it.

Tonight’s artwork, plays with the notion of “eminent domain” but here given in a wholesome and heavenly context. After all, if we are to create a better world for our descendants, then even the ways we construct sentences must be weighed and focussed upon that end. Mindfulness of language is intended to encourage a U-turn in the deepest seat of consciousness, so that lost becomes found, and confusion becomes clarity.  And after all, who doesn’t want to be reborn into a better world?

I hope to return before Christmas, but for now, enjoy this momentous day, and  Namaste from Amras.

Summer solstice
Summer solstice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Finally, may we indeed, keep in our hearts, that our humble blogs are the spirits that keep the World Wide Web humane. Let use this gift to flourish as a person! Let us cherish one another! And be thankful of one another, because at some point, we did touched our respective lives.”  ~ Aina Balagtas https://lyricssentimentsandme.wordpress.com

Winter solstice
Winter solstice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Art ©Francis Moloney: 2012.

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