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Crystals are a whole energetic system of vibrational energy. The pinnacle of geological evolution. They form themselves through their birthing and growing process, constantly reorganising and reshaping themselves to adapt to their environment, until the perfect vibrational signature has established itself and the stable crystal finds its’ niche. (They are then ready to work with us on our energetic levels, both physical and subtle).

I think about the strong systematic energy crystals hold. Colour is the first thing I always notice, then their refractions as they attract and reflect rainbows. These colours we perceive in our brains, it follows then that they are actually created in our brains.

I next concentrate on the vibrational energy that I am sensing intuitively. I ask myself what am I feeling and seeing. Is it to do with the colour, the shape, weight, geometry, or the mineral make up ?

Is my impression coming from one or more of these things or is it the whole thing touching me ?

Is there a feeling so deep taking place that it cannot be expressed with words ?

Crystals evolve just as we do.  We are crystal beings at the mineral molecular level. We have all the information there is in the universe lying at the very core of our DNA, this is not a fanciful notion but a statement of fact. We are in a “Holographic” universe.

If you sit with a crystal with the intent to combine its’ mineral signature vibration with yours, you need first to go into the silence that is inside you. It is right there between the thoughts and feelings that are constantly generating from your physical presence. There in your silence you can detect the subtle influence that the crystal you are holding is having on you. Do you see a picture, are there colours, do you hear words or sounds ?  Whatever you sense, know that it is OK. If you sense nothing (unlikely) it is OK too, the crystal could be vacant, it may have lost its’ life force through trauma or human mishandling. (You will encounter this from time to time). Be with whatever it is that you are sensing for a while, relax more and enjoy the contact you are having. Use your mind also to find ideas that will help you to translate your discoveries into clear and honest language, after all, if you are a crystal therapist, your clients will be entitled to answers to their questions, and the best answers are those that come from your own learning. When you are ready, return to everyday awareness bringing your discoveries back with you.

One thing that Francis and I have been curious to know is how exactly this knowledge is accessed. How do we learn what we learn when working directly with crystals? Are we accessing knowledge from within the crystal, or is the crystal accessing knowledge from inside us? It is a more serious question than it at first appears to be.  Remember what I said above,  we perceive everything with our brains. Everything we perceive takes place inside our brains, nothing can be physically put in or taken out, and every person is creating what is perceived in the brain.  So when we access knowledge by meditating with a crystal is it that the crystals’ mineral signature vibration is magnifying the same frequency inside us, and making our inner universe more accessible at that level?   These thoughts can lead to some  amazing insights, but I leave you to seek your own answers to these riddles in your own special way.


If anyone should ever gift you with a crystal, no matter how big or small, think carefully what this might mean to you on a soul level.   Again, you may receive some amazing insights.  I feel that with this kind of meditation we get an understanding of the core energy in action.  And before you give away a crystal, connect and think about the all the above.

Crystals can be worked on many different levels and applied to your everyday reality. For eons our ancestors have used crystals in sacred ceremonies and healing. Some used crystals for focussing on absent healing.  These techniques are being proven both scientifically and personally in our times. You will find science if you can sift through the reams of prejudice. I suggest you study the life and work of Marcel Vogel.

Our distant ancestors held profound knowledge and it is only now that we are re-accessing our own healing potential through crystals and remembering what our ancestors knew. Crystals seem to be able to access distant past events that relate to the times we live in.  Crystals espouse their own mythology.

According to mythology the Lemurians held sacred texts for geometric and physical healing using crystals. They performed amazing healings, often without even having to touch their crystals. They could literally move crystals with the power of their minds alone. They knew exactly how to work for the good of humanity with their feminine qualities.

With the later rise of Atlantis, pride and the masculine energy came to dominate the whole world, as it has done until now.  Atlantian pride, with its’  cultural, political and military aggression eclipsed Lemurian values.  Atlantis did not start out with this intent, but pride, jealousy, fear and greed found a home in the hearts of the materialists and the politically ambitious. Crystals it was discovered, could be used for negative purposes as well as positive.  They could be used in war. There was great unrest on Earth.

When Atlantis fell,  Lemurian knowledge and our ancient birthrights were lost.  They sank beneath the waves, taking libraries, artifacts, texts, and I imagine amazing crystals with them.

Recently there have been investigations made into incredibly ancient and fantastic artificial structures being discovered  in various undersea locations.  To many these discoveries are controversial and they tend not to see the light of day as far as the popular media is concerned. Perhaps someone has decided that we are not interested  in such things.  Nevertheless, they exist.

It is worth considering that the recent natural upheavals are instrumental in revealing unbelievably ancient secrets and lost treasures to us.    AAM.

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