Crystals in the context of Therapy.

Electron activity is responsible for the colours we see.

What does the therapist say about crystals?

They are a living system of vibrational energy.

Holding their own signature vibration, each crystal contains its’ own mineral(s) and structure.

Their colours are caused by the quantum activity of electrons orbiting the atoms which each mineral is made from.

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Inasmuch as our bodily organs, our thoughts, feelings and emotions, our personality and well being are all reflected in the balance of our atomic vibrations, –  crystals reflect back to us those stable frequencies that assist optimal functioning of  all our systems. Crystal Therapists maintain that the stability of the crystal can over-ride an unstable frequency in the body’s organs by virtue of it’s unvarying resonance.

Crystal Wand

Patient study and awareness of the effects of crystals on our systems will naturally, in time, bring us closer to a complete appreciation of our true vibrational nature.

Crystal resonance works through close proximity (especially direct contact) over a period of time. How long depends on individual circumstances.

It is believed that one reason women live longer than men is because traditionally they wear more jewelry.

Resonance & Correspondence. The Geometry of Life.

As all things are one in the holographic universe, so science has demonstrated that light, matter and sound are intimately related aspects of the same phenomena.  Crystals exemplify this fact as it has been discovered that they respond to sound, echoing its harmonics like strings on a harp.

Each crystal will play alongside our internal systems, helping to create perfectly clear tones in harmonic constellations. They actually help us to feel good.

Crystals (like music) reflect the geometry of our solar system. They resonate with their mineral brethren throughout the entire holographic universe. They are everywhere. The sheer tonnage of crystal energy that stretches from here to infinity is unimaginable to us. The study of their forms and properties open us to appreciate better the works of people like Pythagoras and Kepler.    AAM.

Music of The Spheres, Cosmic Crystal Resonance and Correspondences.

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