Cool On A Hill

With my gratitude and appreciation to all who have enjoyed these posts, these photos were taken from one of the picturesque Clent Hills that lie close to our home. I got out on two occasions this year, once to the hospital, (where I didn’t take my camera,) and once to the hills, (where I did.) I have considerably happier memories of the latter.

5bI found a discarded staff on that path many years ago, I took it to be Merlins. I kept it safe for him until the day it disappeared, I expect he needed to use it again.


8bCities and towns always look better to me when viewed from a distance.

9b A “Yang” male city, long supported by the green meadows of Lady Yin, now all a-glow in the mists of gamma.

10bAnd remembering that I’ve known many of the folk who bring life to these places.

11bIt’s Autumn, and the shadow falls early from the hill behind me.

13bTwo worlds, set in two times, living side by side.

14bThe sun has already set over the distant, and aptly named “Black Country“.

15bHow She must have felt after such rough regard.

16bYet still she smiles, and gives.

17bAnd gives.

19bWhat can we give in return?

That was an exhilarating day out for me, hope to do it again.  Thanks again to all who visit, I will catch up with my mailbox as soon as I can find enough stamina. With that, Peace and Namaste from Amras.

Photography ©Francis Moloney: BE 2555.

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