In Our World

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The sea is calling me,

She says, son, come follow me,

Ride the waves to eternity,

And she promised that she would set me free,

And make a cosmic surfer out of me.

From ‘Cosmic Surfer’ by Quintessence.*



The treasures of Poseidon, once plundered by vain Caligula, and now strewn here, on a lonely beach in windy Wales. Vanity is so far removed from the reality of what lies at our feet. Though I may live a little way inland from the ocean, I prefer never to forget that I swim eternally in the ocean that has no surface.

In our world, where monumental insanity has surely had its day, the tide has finally turned, and what appeared to be so, is no more now than an echo of times past. So let’s release the past tense, and let ourselves be free and easy.

These pics follow on from the last post. They were taken in July of this year, and as I write, Amanda is returning to this location, so there may be more pics on the way.

I am recovering from bronchitis, and wish to thank those who sent me their wishes for my healing. Thank you so very much.

With that, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope too, to return soon. Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Amanda Moloney.




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