Peace from The Land of Rivers and Rocks

Celebrating the energetic import of 11/11, by spending the day in a wild and lonely place.  Amanda ventured afar to see what the world was up to, and what she found was that even way out here in the mountains of Snowdonia, the cry for world peace can being heard!

Amanda stands for peace!

This reminds me of the Great Wall of China, except, it isn’t; it’s only four feet tall, and it can’t be seen from space. (Not by Google Earth at least.)

Stepping out of her carefully camouflaged “Tardis“.

Dressed to explore.

Not there yet, but soaked already!

Fairy wings and magical things like rain, and light, and fern.

Day’s end, from the peaks of Snowdonia.


I really hope you enjoyed these pics. As a Celtic man, landscapes like those above, can touch a deep nostalgia, and a longing in me. I love the way we each are bonded to our homelands, and how keenly we feel this bond when in exile. I feel that underneath this longing, those brave enough to go may find that the basis of all our longing is a primal wish to return to our homes in the spirit.  I’m in no hurry, time takes us home, when time is decided. In the meantime I recall being told that whether we live a long or short life, it matters little in the life of the spirit. They are each but the blink of a blackbird’s eye when seen from our eternal perspective.

Need to rest now, hope to be back soon, been a little fragile these last several hours, so with those words, my thank you’s, and Peace………Namaste – Amras



Photography ©Amanda Moloney:2012.


Declaration of Universal Peace

“The pioneers of peace are the young people who refuse to take up arms”   Albert Einstein.

On Lightworkers International Declaration of Peace Day,  I declare peace for all nations – forever.  Namaste from Amras on 11/11.

Art ©Francis Moloney: 2012.

Hats Off for A Sprite’s Eye View

Corners pink and corners blue, swarming lights of golden hue.

In the Blue Corner.

And in the Red Corner.

We also have Green Corners.

Does anyone remember Don “Genaro’s Hat?” Well this one’s mine. How’d it get up there?

This pic highlights the nightlight at the top of our garden.


Thank you to all who follow and like my blog, your support greatly motivates this jaded gent. Hope to post more corners from the garden (and other stuff) soon…………Namaste from Amras.


Photography ©Francis Moloney: 2012.

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