And In The Red Corner

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Greetings and good wishes. After years and years of waiting, lovely, lovely summer beams on Britain again. Last night the trees danced and swayed to the music of the thunder-storm. I love thunder. I was probably a devotee of mighty Thor, some time back.

My diminished internet presence must continue perforce my health, but I keep all my friends and followers in my heart, and I send my good wishes to you every day, on the wind. I hope you hear me.

Today’s pics complement our last post, showing you more from the colourful corners of our garden, I hope you like them.

Until I return, Namaste from Amras.


“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Photography ©Francis Moloney.


In The Blue Corner

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Namaste, and greetings. My health is making it difficult to use my computer at present. Hence, my diminished internet presence.

Never mind, today I wish to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of summer to our hills and valleys.  The above pics were taken in the shadows of our magnolia tree, and a red theme will follow. I hope you like them.


I deeply appreciate the likes and follows we receive here. And I am  thankful too to you wonderful new followers who have recently come on board. If I am ever slow to respond to a comment, please forgive me, I’m probably unable to write on those days.


Until next time, may it be soon, peace from Amras.


“Finally, may we indeed, keep in our hearts, that our humble blogs are the spirits that keep the World Wide Web humane. Let us use this gift to flourish as people! Let us cherish one another! And be thankful for one another, because at some point, we touch our respective lives.”  ~ Aina Balagtas

Photgraphy ©Francis Moloney.

A Bridge to Wet Feet

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Namaste to all readers, old and new; and thank you for your very welcome visits.

Here in Britland, we just ‘enjoyed’ the coldest summer solstice week ever.  A young friend of ours, freshly returned from a monastic retreat in ‘The Land of Snows’, brought back for me a surprisingly warm Tibetan shawl, made from  yak’s wool. I particularly appreciate this, it because, summer notwithstanding, I’ve needed to wear it every day since receiving it.

Today we continue with our series of pics taken last month by Amanda, during a jaunt in rocky old Wales. Please enjoy. And, until next time, peace from Amras.


The Master allows things to happen.
She shapes events as they come.
She steps out of the way
and lets the Tao speak for itself.
Dao De Jing

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

Walking on Velvet Green

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This is part two in our sequence of pics from Amanda’s recent trek through windy Wales. Today’s title, which felt appropriate, is from an old “Jethro Tull” song.  I hope you like.

I want also to thank all who have commented recently, and those who have chosen to follow. Your kindness and encouragement is deeply appreciated by me. You give me the incentive I need to overcome the difficulties I experience when writing.

I should be back very soon, perhaps even with more words to say.  Until then, blessings, and namaste, from Amras.


“As long as we cherish each other, we can never be alone.

 We need each other, each and every one.

We are one in every way, undivided, – swimming eternally within

the currents of the ocean that has no surfaces.”

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.



Between Those Storms of Wind and Hail




I have been so moved by the wonderful comments and encouragements that I have received from so many kind readers. Thank you so very much indeed, everyone.  Never doubt that our prayers and good wishes for each other will do their intended work.

Irksomely, it seems the universe itself forbade me to post last week. I tried to post this article, but my computer failed thrice as I hit ‘publish’. On the third attempt my old Mac actually shut down.  Pretty clear message as they go. Then my health took a plunge, and I’ve had to lie low for a while. Improving today though, so, it is with a certain scientific curiosity that I shall be hitting ‘publish’. And if you never get to read this, then I expect I’ll have to write something else.

Here then are the “forbidden words”:

I wasn’t expecting conditions that would allow me to haul myself out-of-doors today, but, ‘deus ex machina,’ the wind has changed direction, and everywhere I look, I see only beauty.

When this seemingly endless winter concedes a day or two to the sun, I grab my camera. The first five pics above were taken in our garden, the rest were taken from corners of our windows.  I hope you enjoy them, and I hope too to be back soon with very many more.

Peace, and Namaste, from Amras.


Buddha seeds planted in the mind, will sprout with the coming of the all pervading rain.             


Photography ©Francis Moloney.


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