Hurry on Sundown


Greetings, and thank you to our readers. For those who may not know, the title is named after an old Hawkwind song, and the following paragraph is my new twist on the message of the lyrics.

See what tomorrow brings. When I look into my mind’s eye – I see only peace. I hope this vision is shared with many, because nothing in this world can really be what it appears to be, when the world itself is a perfect creation, crafted by the perfect creator.

What is real is what we feel when all we have is love. I feel that it is a worthwhile exercise to mine the faith we held as children, and trust that despite all its woes and lamentations, the world is always being born anew for those who love.

The photograph was taken last year in Liverpool by Amanda’s sister, and donated most kindly for our readers. It brings to my mind thoughts of souls we have known, who had to leave us behind, and sail away gracefully aboard proud white ships to the silvery shores of the undiscovered country.  They are ever in our hearts.

With that said, I will bow out for now, and hope to return soon.

Peace from Amras.


When you stop to pray for peace, the world depends on you. 



Photography ©Jayne Perry.


Calvi, Corsica
















Greetings dear readers, this post will be very short. My health has dipped quite a bit of late, and things are more difficult than usual. If I am late to respond to any likes, or comments, I apologise in advance.

I thought that I posted these pics back in 2012, but couldn’t find them after a search.  If anyone has seen these pics anytime in the past, you are welcome to let me know.

They were taken by Amanda during her Mediterranean voyage.

With that, as always, I wish for peace and wisdom to touch us all.  Namaste from Amras.


 “I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”



P.s., It’s my birthday, 62 and counting.


Photography ©Amanda Moloney.

Anticipated Moment


May you,

In the name of silence,

Womb of the world;

In the name of stillness,

Home of belonging;

In the name of the solitude

of the soul and the earth,

May you,

(Your name)


Blessed by all beings

Wings of breath,


Delight of eyes,


Wonder of whisper;


Intimacy of touch,


Eternity of soul

In the cosmic


And, may you,

(Your Name)

Each moment,


Compassionate of  heart

Gentle in word

Precious in awareness

Courageous in thought

Generous in love.

Jose’s Blessing




Namaste and greetings from this small corner of the web. I am forced to take things easier than usual, as seasonal changes are playing havoc with my biological components. Otherwise I should not let a day pass without the reporting of some inspiring event.

The words above were written for me by my friend, Jose,* whose work was featured on this site many months ago. The painting is based upon a recurring dream/vision which I have had since childhood; with the addition of an angel  named “Iona”.

I thought I would name the post after one of my favourite paintings, (which I haven’t seen for decades,) by Joseph Parker. I can’t find a decent copy of it on the web, so if anyone knows where I might find one, please send me a link.

With my thanks, and admiration for the work of my fellow bloggers, I will leave you for now, as I settle to watch pink clouds gathering, and whispering goodbye to an otherwise cold and bleak day, here in old Blighty.

Peace from Amras.

*We Have It All

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

See All Our Days To Come As Blooms

Reds & Yellows


 See all our days to come as blooms,

Our pasts, are roots,

And time, our stems,

Then let the rain fall on our leaves,

To celebrate experience.

Greetings from poorly Amras. Still experiencing problems with my eyes, got to squint to write. Once, after I had undergone a couple of eye operations, one of my teachers told me we don’t need eyes to ‘see’.  I took much comfort from this.

And, having worked in casualty departments for decades, I have always been astounded at just how tough people can be. It is truly astonishing, just how much that folk can overcome; particularly the young.  And I have always found much comfort in this too. This is the sort of comfort I would like to share.

My thanks now to all readers and followers, I hope to be back soon, with lots more lovely pics to show you. Until then, Namaste, and peace from Amras.

“Finally, may we indeed, keep in our hearts, that our humble blogs are the spirits that keep the World Wide Web humane. Let us use this gift to flourish as people! Let us cherish one another! And be thankful for one another, because at some point, we touch our respective lives.”  ~ Aina Balagtas

Photography © Amanda Moloney.

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