Stable spiral energies found in nature, (observed in water vortices, or in the growth patterns of some trees, shellfish and galaxies, etc.), create nodes which can be used to access healing forces which radiate from Mother Earth.  Standing Stones positioned on these spirals can be used to amplify and control the flow of this energy.

Crystal Therapists place crystals over the human energy spirals to generate subtle force similar to that which standing stones generate on the land.

As energy is transferred back and forth from the universe to our subtle bodies spiraling Chakras we encapsulate the essence of the Creator’s healing light via the crystals. This way we reflect the gentler actions of mother earth upon herself.

Each colour of the spiraling light energy produces expansive awareness connecting us with the Divine purpose of each centre.

Standing Stones attract, store and transmit subtle Earth energy for the benefit of the surrounding environment.

By placing crystals on the centres, the stored information contained in the crystals coagulates with the light of the centres to restore awareness of the vast storehouses of knowledge that reside encoded within the human body.

Platonic Chakras

This knowledge is always present and freely available, but long suppressed by pollution, bad foods, mind control (social mores), bad memories and painful experiences from the learned application of incorrect knowledge.  Things told to us during our formative years that we store as programmes. These are held in parts of our bodies. They adversely effect the natural direction of our spiraling energy centres.  We find ourselves reacting rather than responding to new situations. We notice that we blindly apply the same old failing solutions to new conditions.


Parasitic entities that hook into human auras, and forgetfulness of our natural aboriginal mode of being, all add to human suffering. This is not all our fault,  how can we be aware of the presence of parasitic entities when we do not know how to access the wisdom of our higher selves.  In the past, truth has been suppressed by those who assume power over the lives of others.  So forget now the delusion that is self-righteousness, and loosen the grip of divisive, soul-free forces whose true hold on us is fear.  Rejoin the lineage of our true ancestors, they knew how to live in tune with their higher selves.  They left us a beautiful and healthy world, what are we all doing with their legacy ?


All wisdom is encoded within you. Your DNA contains all the information that exists in the entire universe in a holographic matrix.This, you are entitled to access by birthright. Neither you or I need anyone outside of ourselves to guide us. The time has come to strengthen our DNA and know that God, our Divine Creator, alive inside our very selves. It is time to blend our personal energy with the knowledge of our ancestors, and we may discover that we are forever in constant communion with our Mother Earth/Father Sky.   AAM.

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Crystal Formation

Guided by the intent of the vast intelligence that controls so called “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy“, two particles, points of awareness, moving through space are drawn together by mutual attraction. 

Around each other they dance and spin. Their mass combines to generate a greater attractive signal. Two become three, and three becomes trillions. More and more particles are attracted to join in the dance, and this way the molecules that support organic life are being born.

Two Particles attracted to one another.
The paths of two Particles attracted to one another.

The space becomes dense, this can be observed in the universe when we look at clouds of stellar formation. The molecules have multiplied and structured matter in the form of star-dust. This “dust” is crystalline, and reflects in its design the integral geometry of its atomic form, describing a “cymatic” arrangement of Sacred Geometry. I say “cymatic” because order is created by sound, as is the ordering of stable form in the universe.  (Click on  Cymatics in my Links for more information).

Vast clouds of plasma and dust are formed this way in space. If they become dense enough they gain spin and form a disc. The heavier elements they

Hexagonal outline of the twenty sided Icosahedron. A Platonic Solid.

contain fall towards the centre, eventually making the environment so dense that a teaspoonful weighs thousands of tons. At this level of density, radioactive atoms discharge their energy in the form of heat.  The centre of the cloud ignites with a flash of light so powerful that it blows away any residual gas and dust, leaving a newborn star and its’ family of planets, shining in the heavens.  The planets were made from minerals manufactured in the hot disc during stellar gestation.

The six sided Cube - Another Platonic Solid.

It is important to remember that atoms don’t clump together randomly, if they did there would  only be chaos. Atoms actually arrange themselves into beautiful patterns whose measurements are more accurate than human ability can yet achieve.  Such a level of accuracy points to divine origins.  Everything has crystal geometry at its’ heart, even the air we breath; oxygen atoms are cubic, nitrogen atoms are  hexagonal.    AAM.

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In The Beginning


Planetary Vitruvian Man & The Corresponding Geometrical Proportions of Earth and Moon.

“You and the universe came into existence at the same instant.   The root of your being is the same root as all that lives in the universe. Energetically, your roots are the same as the stars, the planets, the moon, the comets, the galaxies, the nebulae, everything.”        ‘ The Cosmic Crystal Spiral’  Ra Bonewitz, Element Books 1986.

We observe that the universe is moving into a higher state of complexity, and greater order.  It came from a formless condition, chaos. From chaos it continues to grow and evolve.

Phi Folk & The Corresponding Geometrical Proportions of Earth and Moon.

Every instant, with every breath you take the universe expands into incalculable distances. Since the Creation; the unfolding of order and balance, of atoms and minerals. From the mineral kingdom planets are born, on planets people are born, over and over again, death, life, rebirth. All sharing one energy. We are walking minerals, we are crystal people.     AAM.

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