One voice amongst many. Observing and participating in the great transformation of humanity from a positive perspective.

Born in 1953, I am a composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software practitioner. NHS Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. I have been a Buddhist, martial artist, paramedic, orthopaedic technician, professional artist, civil servant, photographer, and amateur astronomer. I have owned houses, and been homeless. I have been hungry and full. Made enemies, and made friends. The pits, and the peaks. Unable nowadays to leave my bed for more than a few minutes per day. My limited time is employed in reading and musical composition. I had many works performed for the public during my active youth. Having started in classical music as a promising child violinist, I migrated to perform in Folk and Progressive Rock groups,  in 1970, playing bass/lead guitars, and flute. I have recently been experimenting with  classically themed Progressive Rock pieces, which I find quite exciting. For all this, and good friends lost, I could not survive on this transforming Earth for long without the 24/7 input I receive from my ever present, loving, intelligent, and fantastically talented family. Love to my wife, son and dog.


Needless it should be to say, but said it must be: Nothing written on this website should be considered before professional medical advice in the case of any medical condition whatsoever. And, only an idiot, or a complete curmudgeon would believe otherwise!


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39 thoughts on “About”

      1. Blessings Fran. Figured you’d be out there in the ether somewhere. Can’t work this tweet tackle and Facebook isn’t for me. But it would be good to hear from you. I live near Buxton in the peaks but Auriga is never far away.


      2. I’m still here, though mostly in a quantum state. What a fantastic surprise to hear from you. Buxton in the Peaks sounds like a nice place, and Auriga still rises in the north. I’ll contact you on email, to further things.


  1. I love all the great thoughts and topics you bring in up in this blog. It’s really fascinating, I’ll be reading back through some of your posts soon

    In the meantime, I’ve decided to pass on the Inspiring Blog Award to you. It’s a badge you can put in your side bar, and nominate others if you’d like. Here’s my acceptance post so you have an idea of what it is.


    Keep doing what you do! All the very best!! 🙂


    1. Thank you Arganesh, I am very moved by your words. I will certainly accept your kind offer in the happy spirit that it was given. It may be a bit of a physical challenge for me, as everything is; but I’m happy to give it a go. Thank you again,


    1. Thank you so much, I feel very honoured by your nomination, but I feel that as I already accepted the Inspiring Blogger Award not so very long ago, it would be more fair for me to let you pass it over to another deserving blogger. Thank you again.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, I really love the tagline “One voice amongst many. Observing and participating in the great transformation of humanity from a positive perspective.” 🙂


  3. Interesting bio. What progressive rock groups have you worked for exactly. Thank you by the way for liking my Robert Trujillo status. I look forward to you commenting, liking, and following my blog updates!! Cheers!


    1. Started working in ’71, with semi-pro folk-rock group named Chalice This morphed into ‘Caelocanth,’ a more progressively oriented group. We toured the land in a transit van. Then I joined an outfit called ‘Shattered Fantasy,’ and after that I got together with a jazz guitarist/singer friend, to form a prog group called ‘Wisechild.’ We did money raising gigs for hospitals, and performed at spiritual gatherings, clubs, and halls. I also did a great deal of solo work by invitation, and played many charity gigs. (Never got rich.)

      Can’t do much now, disability has affected my ability, but I continued composing, using computer software, up until about two years ago. Been too ill to spend much time on it since. Heaven willing, our son, Luke, will be working at the “Chicken Shack” studios in Surrey from November, so there the family tradition continues.


  4. Thanks, Aina. I’m slowing down to cope with a slight kidney infection right now. Amanda is well and hearty, I’m very happy to say, and she is with me now as I write. May we take this opportunity, together, to send our best wishes to you, and to all of you dear ones.


      1. Thank you so much, Aina. I’m in a poorly period right now, but looking forward to posting again when I recover. Thank you again for your great encouragement.


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