Anticipated Moment


May you,

In the name of silence,

Womb of the world;

In the name of stillness,

Home of belonging;

In the name of the solitude

of the soul and the earth,

May you,

(Your name)


Blessed by all beings

Wings of breath,


Delight of eyes,


Wonder of whisper;


Intimacy of touch,


Eternity of soul

In the cosmic


And, may you,

(Your Name)

Each moment,


Compassionate of  heart

Gentle in word

Precious in awareness

Courageous in thought

Generous in love.

Jose’s Blessing




Namaste and greetings from this small corner of the web. I am forced to take things easier than usual, as seasonal changes are playing havoc with my biological components. Otherwise I should not let a day pass without the reporting of some inspiring event.

The words above were written for me by my friend, Jose,* whose work was featured on this site many months ago. The painting is based upon a recurring dream/vision which I have had since childhood; with the addition of an angel  named “Iona”.

I thought I would name the post after one of my favourite paintings, (which I haven’t seen for decades,) by Joseph Parker. I can’t find a decent copy of it on the web, so if anyone knows where I might find one, please send me a link.

With my thanks, and admiration for the work of my fellow bloggers, I will leave you for now, as I settle to watch pink clouds gathering, and whispering goodbye to an otherwise cold and bleak day, here in old Blighty.

Peace from Amras.

*We Have It All

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.

Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

20 thoughts on “Anticipated Moment”

    1. Thank you Aina, I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like with just about anything while waiting for my strength to improve. I must say, I’ve missed reading your blog too, and it’s therefore great to hear from you. I hope everything is well with you too. Cheers Aina.


  1. Hi Amrass,
    I’m getting ready to sell, (if I can part with it) a very rare poster you might be interested in seeing. It is the original 1975 “The Anticipated Moment” art poster by California visionary artist Joseph Parker, a favorite artist of yours and mine. It’s in marvelous, basically mint condition as it’s been stored correctly for about 39 years. I bought it and about 8 others myself between 1973-75 in Hawaii including one more Parker poster “Sunrise In Blue”, Gage Taylor’s “The Road”, Josie Grants “Phantom Lover” and 3 Nick Hyde posters “Estate of Man”, “The Mind of Man Urp”, and a cool black & white triptych that’s untitled. I was fascinated by that type of art during my high school days their. How did you get interested in his work if you don’t mind me asking?



    1. Hi Jay,
      Thank you for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you may have to part with the poster, I doubt if I could. I became interested in Joseph Parker when I was collecting “Tantra” posters, in the early ’70s; and found him in a book of visionary art, which along with my posters, unfortunately, I no longer have.
      Thanks again, Jay, may you be successful, whatever you decide.


      1. Hi Amras. Thank you so much for responding to my comment on your blog and I hope you are feeling as good as you can. I looked up tantra(wasn’t familiar with the term) and their are some outstanding images out there to look at and buy if one had the cash which of course I don’t, which is why I’m having to part with some cool things like JP’s “Sunrise in Blue”. I sold it, reluctantly, just a few days ago, and he, like you had been searching for it ,for seemingly forever and he is thrilled to get it(should arrive at his house in Texas today). I sold Gage Taylor’s” original “The Road” poster to a similar contemporary style visionary artist In CA. who had actually corresponded with Taylor shortly before he passed away and he forwarded Gage’s response to him to me to see which was very nice of him. Sounds like Gage was a very nice guy. He had bought “Mescaline Woods” ,which I remember well but never owned, in the early 70’s for $6.00 but couldn’t come with the extra $6.00 to get “The Road” which is, most likely today, the rarest of all the so called California visionary artists original posters as I checked thoroughly everywhere I could and couldn’t find one hi-res photo of it anywhere much less the poster itself. I was beginning to think there wasn’t anyone left out there who remembered or liked these artists and am pleased to find out that is not the case and happy that the fellows who bought the posters, like you and me, really appreciate their art. I am going to send you a good med-resolution jpeg file of “Sunrise In Blue” (which you may already have) for your personal enjoyment as I had read you couldn’t find a good image of it and I know you love it. Don’t know if I can get it to you via this email but if not will most likely send it to you via sharefile, a file transfer service. I have some common ground with you, a love of that type of spiritual inspiring art, love of the natural world, and am a photographer(professional) since 1988, and like you, lost my home a couple of years ago. I have been(and still am) going thru the ringer of bankruptcy, lawyers and creditors and nowadays just trying to keep my head on straight and keep pluggin’ away at being positive in a world that’s not what quite it used to be or could be. If you really want a hi-res photo of JP’s SIB to print it larger than the one I’m sending I have one but thought I’d see if this one would do. It’s probably good up to ceratainly a 11×14 and maybe even a 16×20, or you might just want to have it to look at on your computer screen…just let me know and we’ll go from there. Let’s communicate some more when you feel up to it, I didn’t put this message on your blog as I didn’t want the JP estate to think I was trying to infringe upon their copyright and I do respect copyrights of artists but since this is for your personal use I’m making an exception and I don’t think, under your circumstances and the fact you are a log time fan of his, he would mind. I will try attaching this file to this email but If for some reason, I can’t get this image to you that way I’ll use sharefile and let you know…til then take care. Here goes….

        Jay Browne


      2. Thank you Jay, I couldn’t find an attachment, but not to worry if you can’t send one, because I dare say that a fairly decent image will appear somewhere sooner or later. For me, it is just a sentimental wish to glance at it once more, though like yourself, I’m no longer in a position to make non essential purchases. And, like yourself, I very much respect copyrights, knowing what it feels like to have artwork plagiarised.
        I do feel very sorry to hear of your difficulties, (with which I am also very familiar,) but I am encouraged, more importantly, by your strength regarding positive thinking. It works well for me.
        Once again Jay, thank you so much for thinking of me, and endeavouring to share a mutually fond memory. Good luck in everything you do.



      3. Hi Francis, Thanks for your kind words…I did send it and it said message sent but possibly the file was too big to get thru. Let me try a different route call sharefile and I’ll give you an update and see if you receive it and can open it as well as I want you to have it.


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      4. Hi Francis, I need your regular email address if you have one…tried to copy and paste the amras888 and couldn’t get it to go thru.


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