A Bridge to Wet Feet

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Namaste to all readers, old and new; and thank you for your very welcome visits.

Here in Britland, we just ‘enjoyed’ the coldest summer solstice week ever.  A young friend of ours, freshly returned from a monastic retreat in ‘The Land of Snows’, brought back for me a surprisingly warm Tibetan shawl, made from  yak’s wool. I particularly appreciate this, it because, summer notwithstanding, I’ve needed to wear it every day since receiving it.

Today we continue with our series of pics taken last month by Amanda, during a jaunt in rocky old Wales. Please enjoy. And, until next time, peace from Amras.


The Master allows things to happen.
She shapes events as they come.
She steps out of the way
and lets the Tao speak for itself.
Dao De Jing

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.


Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

5 thoughts on “A Bridge to Wet Feet”

  1. I hope that the shawl from Tibet might have brought some whispers & blessings of Lord Gotham Buddha
    a bridge to wet feet – a nice caption
    all best wishes
    take care of your health
    with regards


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