Walking on Velvet Green

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This is part two in our sequence of pics from Amanda’s recent trek through windy Wales. Today’s title, which felt appropriate, is from an old “Jethro Tull” song.  I hope you like.

I want also to thank all who have commented recently, and those who have chosen to follow. Your kindness and encouragement is deeply appreciated by me. You give me the incentive I need to overcome the difficulties I experience when writing.

I should be back very soon, perhaps even with more words to say.  Until then, blessings, and namaste, from Amras.


“As long as we cherish each other, we can never be alone.

 We need each other, each and every one.

We are one in every way, undivided, – swimming eternally within

the currents of the ocean that has no surfaces.”

Photography ©Amanda Moloney.




Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

14 thoughts on “Walking on Velvet Green”

  1. I love these! They are like those fairy tales forests and I was wondering if a wolf would appear out of nowhere! (hmmm…am I thinking too much? LOL)

    Thank you for sharing!

    Have a wonderful Monday! Cheers~ 😀


    1. I’m very fond of wolves, though I’ve met few. A wolf would make a wonderful subject, but might require the gift of time-travel to get in on the scene, pity. Thanks for the comment though, it’s a very nice thought.


      1. Awww…I’ve never seen an actual wolf before, not even in our local zoo 😦 … You’re really a lucky soul!!

        Take care and do have a great day ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀


  2. I’ve never been in terrain like this. Beautiful! Thanks to you and Amanda for giving me the opportunity to step into the woods with you! Diane


    1. Thank you Diane. I confess that when returning from distant lands on aeroplanes, I have openly wept just to see those green fields and forests beneath me once more.


      1. I can believe that! By the way, I caught the Jethro Tull title as soon as I read it. It was a long time ago, but I think I could sing a few bars! Blessings!


  3. There was most definitely fairies present here Francis, the most peaceful and magical spot in Snowdonia! X


  4. Positively whimsical!! Amanda has a good eye. 🙂 And your verse makes an excellent point; we do need each other. In our era of robust populations, sans plagues or serious pandemics, etc. we can and do take each other for granted, not realizing how very different things could be.

    Appreciate your post. Shalom! 😀 Beth


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