Where The Spirit Lies

Blue Wishing Cloud Skies

Nobody knows where the spirit lies

Some people search all the passing eyes

In all those faces of masked disguise

And love comes from wishing cloud skies


High on a mount in the sacred place

The holy sun is born to the lake

He radiates his life – the sun´s son

In water and cosmic energy the God´s flow


And he is the spirit in the lake of time

His eyes are the truth you seek

His face is blue wishing cloud skies

His voice is warm breezes to the meek

And love comes from wishing cloud skies.

Manco Capac” by Quintessence.*

Close your eyes, and “look” to your right.  If you see Lord Krishna standing alongside you, he will surely cast his gaze upon you, and smile.  And you will remember in an instant that you knew him once, so very long ago. And you will see in his radiant blue face the one that you truly are. And you will know that you are family.

Peace, and Namaste from Amras.

Manco Capac
Manco Capac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quintessence_(English_band)

Artwork ©Francis Moloney.



Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

6 thoughts on “Where The Spirit Lies”

  1. Yet another ‘Blue Avatars’ lover – surprises will never cease – glad you came to see what Princess Mira had to say and now there is another but blind poet Surdas who too likes to pull His leg lest he begins to get smug with his omnipotence. All the mystic poets ( Kabir, Raidas, Mira, Tulsi and Sur ) i have quoted ,you will notice, have this in common – they take liberties, playfully – no offence is taken, He likes fun has a sense of humour and can laugh with you – thats how blue gods are made, after all they come from a primordial source where with some mirth and joy craetion was unleashed.


    1. Thank you Indrajit. Yes, a man cannot be omnipotent, but it’s too easy to be smug. We need these caveats as we are only men, and women. The vision happened over twenty years ago, bit of a surprise as I had joined a Tibetan Buddhist community in my teenage years, and had been practising Buddhist principles exclusively. I take labour to be the honourable task of the incarnate, the fruit of which may only be known to the spirit. May that spirit guide the incarnate safely. Thank you for bringing me to Surdas, and deeper into your informative site.


    1. Thank you, I didn’t know its exact meaning in Hindi, though I was aware it had a meaning. Mango is delicious, I agree. I took the name from a character mentioned in “The Silmarillion” by Tolkien. The numerology was suggested by my wife, who is more knowledgable than I am about such things. Thanks again Indrajit.


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