To Drink The Moonlight

A New World Is Born

I want to wake up in the morning
speaking in a different language,
a language of words that are
not like these words but are
words who carry a sweetness
like seeds, words who have been
held silent in the Mouth of Night
until they are new enough
to hold together in the morning.

And let the things of concern
not be clutched so tightly but
let them float loose, and
float loose away, the things
of worry, and busyness, and
clocks, let them float loose
away entirely.

And let these new words that
are born of the Mouth of Night,
let them show themselves
shyly, so only a sideways
glance notices that they are
words that have whole rooms
inside, rooms and rooms where
the light glints on dazzling facets
as though the softness of the
fur of bees is in them, and
the way green boughs hang
over a slow sunlit river, that
is in them, and the sudden way
a flower releases its scent in
the night, that too is in them,
and more also, the way
the wind currents feel
the caress of wing feathers,
the secret desire of all
water to drink
the moonlight, all the doorways hidden
underneath an ordinary stone,
opening out forever, all in these words.

And so then let them fly forth gently
and quietly, almost the way
a dandelion’s seeds fly forth,
only in vast numbers and with such far-flyingness,
fly forth and go forth and go,
until they cover entirely this
poor tired sore world, until they cover
it like a blanket, so light,
of the lightest touch, almost
unnoticed, but let each one
light down where it will take
hold, let each one be a seed of
the unimagined, let each one
open out unsuspected, as though
the earth loves our feet, as
though the stars watch over us
tenderly forever, as though we
really do belong here, as though
all will be well now.

Kyla Houbolt.


Beautiful words aren’t they, I love reading them, and hope you do too.  I felt that Kyla Houbolt’s poem would be perfectly suited to tonight’s artwork,  Entitled “A New World Is Born”.  It is meant to go with “The Walls Are Dissolving”. I hope you like it, please double click on the pic for a generous close-up.

Ok, if I don’t return before Christmas Day, thank you all for looking in, and have a blessed time, one and all. I hope that you do. Namaste from Amras.


Art ©Francis Moloney: 2012.



Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

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