A Golden Om in The Lotus of the Night

To those of you who have kindly sent me your prayers and healing, thank you. It helps and is appreciated. Good wishes can be felt when they arrive, and sending them out to the world is a good thing to do.

I am still experiencing great discomfort, the smallest movements are painful and exhausting, and  it is also annoyingly difficult to concentrate. Reasons enough for sporadic and tardy posting.

It seems we are being bathed in a vast CME right now, so I expect almost everybody must be feeling as though they are being cooked.  It’s a bad time for *aprication, but a good time to love ourselves, and care for others.

Thanks as ever to you who continue to appreciate my posts, I will do my best to keep up with everyone.   Namaste from Amras, the jaded gent.

* Sunbathing.

Art©Francis Moloney: 2009-2012.

Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

9 thoughts on “A Golden Om in The Lotus of the Night”

  1. Hi! I will pray for your recover! You inspire me each day, your courage, your heart, your writings and photographs are all amazing as you are. I hope you get well soon. 😊


  2. Recovery, I mean 😊 I’m such a reckless typist😊 but too often, it’s my iPad’s t9 that keeps messing up my typing😊 anyways, take care, and again, get well!


  3. I am sorry to find you unwell. I am experiencing many people’s symptoms have gotten worse since the CME’s have been bombarding us. I trust you will get well soon, enjoy all that compassionate self-love and care.


  4. Sometime I die of cancer sometime I die in accidents and sometime in my sleep
    Sometime bedridden some time in comas,full stops but never a reason to weep
    Because still I am standing in front of you smiling ready for my 84 lac yoni heap!!!


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