The Colours of Crystals


The colours of crystals relate to their mineral content. Manganese, for instance, is what makes Clear Quartz pink enough to be called Rose Quartz. Chlorite makes Seraphinite green.

What makes the colours in the minerals?  Every mineral is governed by its atomic frequency, the rate of spin of its electrons. Different rates of spin create different colours.  Our eyes see a range of colours limited by our place in the environment and by our physical systems.

What makes the colours in the frequencies?

An individual electron may gain energy from outside, say from a collision with another atom.  When an electron gains energy it changes state and this involves a shift in orbit. A good way to visualise this is to imagine if the planets changed their relative positions in the solar system in the blink of an eye, as postulated in “the Velikovsky affair”.

When the electron changes phase this way, it wants to return to its resting state immediately. As it does, it releases the energy it gained at right angles to the apparent line of the quantum leap. This release, or exhaust, is a single photon of light.  A quantum event.

You might say atoms drink subatomic beer, bloat up, and burp colours.


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