More A and P for Crystal Therapists

As we have previously suggested, the Endocrine System is probably the best starting point for an understanding of how we, as spirits, interface with our bodies.   It consists of ductless glands, positioned in the listed organs, which release hormones into our bloodstreams. The actions of the hormones are:

The Pineal regulates physical sexual maturity, sleep patterns, moods, and secretes antioxidants.

The Pituitary is like the conductor of the orchestra of the body, it regulates our overall hormonal output.

The Hypothalamus activates the Pituitary, linking hormone output to our nervous systems.

The Thyroid balances the flow of minerals into and out of our bodies.

The Parathyroid balances mineral content between bones and blood.

The Thymus is an “arms factory” for our immune systems.

The Adrenals stimulate our “Fight or Flight” response

The Pancreas, in its’ Endocrine capacity, balances blood, and in its’ Exocrine capacity balances digestion.

The Reproductive system, everyone’s favourite.


The therapist needs to combine knowledge of the above with awareness of the effects of certain mineral deficiencies on the body. This informs the choice of crystals for those therapists who prefer to use analytics over dowsing and suchlike.

One useful website I have found for for this type of information:

Medical science has advanced significantly sin...
Medical science has advanced significantly since 1507, when Leonardo da Vinci drew this diagram of the internal organs and vascular systems of a woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Alongside the Endocrine Glands, our bodies consist of the following systems:


Mouth    Teeth    Tongue    Salivary Glands    Oesophagus    Stomach    Liver    Gallbladder    Pancreas    Small & Large Intestine    Ileocaecal Valve.


Kidneys    Ureters    Bladder


Lymph Vessels & Nodes    Spleen    Thymus    Tonsils & Adenoids    Lymphatic Drain


Heart    Arteries    Veins    Capilliaries    Blood


Mouth    Nose    Trachea    Larynx    Bronchi    Lungs    Diaphragm


Voluntary (Skeletal)   Involuntary (Guts  Bladder  Heart)


Brain    Spinal Chord    Sense organs    Nerves


Testes    Ovaries    Prostate    Uterus


Dem bones

For great visual insights and meditations on the above,  check

As a point of interest, the elements in DNA are Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon.  No scientist has yet figured out just how DNA knows which bits of itself to make into arms and which bits to use for legs, etc. The theory that probably corresponds closest to reality for the mind of a crystal therapist is Biologist Rupert Sheldrakes “Morphogenic Field Theory”.

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