Dimensions And Dots

Thanks to everyone who has liked my posts. It’s good to be able to do a little writing again, I hope you enjoy:

Think of any object that exists within the three dimensions of space, matter, and time, as the shadow of its higher dimensional counterpart.  The visibility of any object is dependent upon its spin, which governs it’s frequency.  We can only perceive objects that spin in the same range as our physical senses. Beyond that we are often blinded by preconceived notions and ignorance.  We aren’t, as a rule, adequately trained to use our higher senses.


If you hold a needle perpendicular to the mid-day sun on midsummer’s day anywhere on the Equator, the needle’s shadow will simply be a dot. (assuming you have invisible fingers).



1. If we imagine a microbe occupying the dot, we’ll see that he cannot move away in any direction, his universe is contained in that dot.


2. Now if we turn our needle on its side, its shadow becomes a line.  Our microbe can travel that line from his point of origin, the first dimension.


3. Now if we imagine that our line is created by the shadow of a flat sheet of paper held perpendicularly to the sun, turn it 90% and our shadow becomes a flat square. The second dimension.  Our microbe has a field in “Flatland” all to himself.


4. It is easy now to see how the flat square can be the shadow of a cube, inside which our microbe can not only run around, but can also hop about without fear of falling off the edge of his world: the third dimension.



Now it gets interesting as we will attempt to visualize with our limited brain power that which we are not wired to perceive: a Hypercube. Our three-dimensional cube exists within four planes, mathematically referred to as – t, x, y, and z. In this system Z represents up, and T represents time, the fourth dimension.



To help us see these things easier with our mind’s eyes, let’s unravel our three-dimensional cube, fold it out flat, and see what we get.



We get this.


Now if we extend these six discrete flat squares back into three dimensions we get:


One of these.


And by folding all these extensions back into themselves, we are folding a three-dimensional object in four-dimensional time to reveal a five dimensional cube: a “Hypercube” or “Tesseract”.

Although we cannot easily imagine a Tesseract we infer its existence through mathematics.  This image is an attempt to represent a Tesseract.

It’s a sort of cube within a cube, or more accurately, an object whose shadow is a solid cube.  By colouring in the diagram it becomes a little easier to understand.

Below is a brilliant animation from Wikipedia.

An animated GIF of a tesseract
An animated GIF of a tesseract (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. What an amazing and beautifully artistic and intelligent site. And thank you for your past, your future and your NOW. The world needs the loving Miracle of YOU. I appreciate your visits to Sending Joy as well. Your presence elevates the messages I offer. Love and Peace to you and yours, Sharie


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