Crystals Require More

“In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind, there are no limits.”- John C Lilly.

Many students believe that choosing a crystal for a specific chakra is as simple as matching the colours. But the colours of the aura as seen in diagrams are really just a ‘rule of thumb’ system.  In reality colours mix and vary from person to person according to their situation, character, health and history. If you have ever watched a coal fire you would have noticed how coal and wood emit beautiful greens and blues when the minerals within them are converted into gases by the action of the flames. The colours are the signatures of the minerals in the coal. It’s a bit like the way astronomers know which minerals are present in stars by examining their light spectra. If the subtle bodies are emitting specific colours, these may correspond with the balance of minerals in the body. These minerals may affect the subtle bodies in ways not energetically dissimilar to the way colours are emitted by fireworks when their mineral combinations are combusted. Do the colours in the aura correspond in some way with the minerals in the body? No-one to our knowledge has answered this question.

Diagrams can only minimally prepare us to be real life therapists.

The left hemisphere of the brain, as we all know, deals exclusively with particulars. It thinks deductively, dividing and reducing everything into manageable bits of information; generally mutually exclusive. It cannot see the whole picture. We should neither abandon it, nor rely upon it. Our goal is to be “whole brained”. The right hemisphere apprehends the entire environment inclusive of all subliminal data. It has no censor.

Because of this dichotomy, and our historically enforced reliance on left brain development to the detriment of all else, we are divided in our outlook. This generates tension between what we believe and what we know. The Left brain cannot know because it sets limits upon itself which are based upon information received from outside of itself. It cannot compute that experientially there is actually nothing outside of itself. When we are unable to resolve an issue, we experience cognitive dissonance: frustration.

Without a bridge, we flounder somewhere between intuitive knowing versus belief. The two hemispheres must work together in balance and act as one for the sincere therapist to do good. We humans are like eagles, capable of soaring to the greatest heights if only one of our wings hadn’t been tied down.

So what are we to do?

Although it appears that we are stuck between the horns of a dilemma, this is not really so. We can readily engage our full brain potential by the use of any one of a great many techniques specifically designed to supersede the left hemispherical roadblock. Prayer, is one example. And for prayer to become more powerful,  practice and study are required. This goes for every method you choose.

There are countless ways, ancient and modern, to create a bridge between our hemispheres, and gain access to intuitive awareness. They are well proven by healers, mystics, psychics, metaphysicians, and a growing number of scientists. A few examples of these techniques are inductive thought, meditation, the use of kinesthetics, I-Ching, Tai-Chi, and Dowsing.  The latter is regarded as especially good for crystal therapy.

So there is a bit more to choosing an effective crystal than comparing colours with a diagram.  Your left brain should learn a crystals geometry, formation, mineral content, atomic type, location of origin, how mined, and  best known combinations.  Your right brain will know how to blend this knowledge with dowsing, or whatever your preferred  tool of access. Crystals therefore require more from you, so that they can give you more in return.

From atoms to devas to crystals to rainbows to galaxies to angels. We stand in the very centre of infinite creation. We are One with all, as all is one with us. According to Rudolph Steiner, 1861/1925, the clairvoyant scientist who founded the Anthroposophical movement, the world is crystallised from the consciousness of the highest angelic beings, who give off their energetic and etheric substance to form the matrix of all things on Earth.  They remind me of the Valar in Tolkien‘s Silmarillion.

These archangels are the “Thrones“. They are the causal spirits, one step removed from the Ultimate One. Like silkworms they weave  the spinning etheric threads of existence. They first wove with musical vibration the elements that create matter. Steiner believed that they themselves cannot enter into matter for their energy is so great it would act like antimatter and annihilate the world.  So, just as we step down the power of electricity to make it usable, they created toned down forms of themselves. These are the devas, the earth spirits and fairies who regulate and maintain the living things on earth. The first forms of matter are crystals. And the echo of the minds of the Thrones ring in every crystal. The deva of each crystal is present in every crystal. This is why crystals are worthy of care and respect.  Every crystal is like a brain cell in the mind of its deva.

“Colours in flower and leaf pass away; the red of carnelian and the green of emerald endure as long as earth.”    Rudolph Steiner.

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