Therapeutic Approaches to The Aura

Another set of useful correspondences for the student crystal therapist to consider. In this diagram, Will, Feeling, and Thought, which ground our lower nature, correspond with Wisdom, Love and Divine Will, which express our higher nature.

When we are well balanced, our will is automatically at one with our purpose in life. Divine Love corresponds with our feeling selves. And when we are finally freed from our conditioning scripts, Divine Wisdom corresponds with our thoughts. This is the empowerment that we seek, and it encourages us  to express our unique selves without fear or compromise.

When our heart  becomes our barometer, and the spokesperson for our core selves, then our lower nature reflects our higher nature, as a still lake reflects the contours of an island. Life becomes so much easier to live.  “Lower” is not a judgment, but a point of balance, no more significant than up from down.



There are many ways to approach the human energy field, some ancient, some new. What works for one therapist may not work for another.  Curing is a science for which the doctor is required.  Healing is an art that the therapist must acquire.  The aura is layered like an onion.  Each layer has a discreet presence. This means that emotional and cognitive atmospheres are contained in various areas within the aura. For better or for worse, they influence the chakras. It is good practise to engage mindfulness, meditate regularly, and focus on learning to identify the many automatic responses to external signals that our subtle bodies are sending us.  This helps us to grow in sensitivity and understanding; absolute requirements for an effective therapist.

It is always important to bear in mind that all technical diagrams of auras and such-like, are for reference only, in the same way that a map is never the territory that it represents.  Use diagrams as guidelines, but better yet learn to perceive auras in your own way.  This can be accomplished. It may be experienced as a felt sense of another persons overall state, revealing their unspoken issue. Or you may experience a transferential relay of extra verbal dialogue. Over and above the contents of dialogue, what impressions do you feel in your gut. This requires clarity and self-awareness on the behalf of the therapist, an ability to put our inner censor on a shelf for a while.  Another way to develop aura vision, is to glance at the person quickly then look away and focus on your “soul impression”  (first impression) of that person.  This is instantaneous but very informative, and useful for making quick (and streetwise) decisions.  You can exercise your visual auric sense by asking a friend to stand before a white or a black plain surface. Allow your eyes to become slightly unfocused, and be careful not to confuse what you see with motes on your eyes.  It is quite easy to see the etheric aura this way.  It is often a kind of cigarette smoke blue, that emanates from the body for an inch or so. With practise you will gain confidence, and on occasion will see colours, scintillations, and at times even geometries. These impressions may appear to be random, but with time you will learn to link them with your client’s need. Seers have used descriptions like “undulations” and “circular concentric interference wave patterns” to describe the way chakras are seen. Usually the ability seems to come and go as needed, that is to say you can turn it on and off as desired.  This is a powerful therapeutic tool. Of course you may have been gifted with the ability to see auras from birth, but if not, please don’t believe you can’t do it, you most certainly can, it’s just one of your many birthrights.

The geometry of the chakras correspond with blueprints of manifestation in the same way that crystals do. They too form from Metatron’s Cube.  As each chakra has individual geometry, the therapist needs to determine which crystal is appropriate for that geometry. For instance, as the base chakra contains four “petals” it can resonate with a cubic crystal. As the heart has twelve petals, it will resonate with hexagonal crystals.

You and I and everything else, flash in and out of existence at ten to the power of forty-four times per second. We are destroyed and recreated that many times every instant. It is a frequency. Where do we go? How do we get back?  We don’t know how we do it, but we never stop doing it. We can only be doing this because, like our crystals, we are in perfect resonance with infinity itself.  We are crystals at the centre of our being.

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