My old dog, Apollo.  The most useless watch dog anyone ever owned.  He was handsome, but hopeless. Overly affectionate, but severely under aggressive.  He was good company during my ‘wilderness years’.  Apollo came to me for Christmas in 1987.  I wonder what he’s doing now.









©Francis Moloney 2012.

Author: amras888

Francis Moloney @Amras888 Composer, instrumentalist and Logic 8 software user. Bereavement Counselor retired. A Philosopher now disabled, bedbound but happy. Love my wife, son, and dog.

14 thoughts on “Apollo”

      1. Yes Aina, he would have been twenty six years old by now. We miss him still, but our rescued greyhound, Emily, has filled the void that he left behind.


      2. Sorry about that = ( my eldest sister, along with her hubby and kids ( 6 of them) they all have different breeds of dog. so even if i dont have one (coz i am allergic to furs and feathers), i can relate to your loss. I am so sorry for asking. It’s my dream to own a shitzu.


      3. You don’t have to apologise for asking Aina, I don’t mind in the least. I’m sorry about your allergies, I share a few with you, but it would be great if you could comfortably own your dream shitzu.


      4. coz there i was one time, i was renting a video in a rental place a few blocks away from our house, and the owner has a shitzu. while I was waiting for my dvds, the shitzu was looking at me, staring actually. so i touchedthe back of his ears and massage it, and then he started crying so tender like a wanting to be hold and so I started talking. then he jump towards me, good thing I catched. And when I was leaving coz I put him down in the counter, he started really crying, looking at the owner, seemingly asking permission to come with me. Then the owner told me, he likes you. I said I like him too. And although, I got sick that night, I still cant forget him since.


    1. I hope you get many more. I hope too that your allergies can be helped, we had to let our kitten go to another home when my cat’s fur allergy struck. I still feel sad about that, and I can’t keep birds anymore either. Never mind, at least Emily fills those spaces, and I have, at least, got the memories of keeping many happy birds and animals in food and lodgings.


      1. I have fishes. They always go crazy when they see me eating, coz our aquaruim place fronting our dining table. I think we torture them whenever they see our family and they arent = )) well, kiss emily for me. it was nice chatting with you. thank you for everything.


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