Character, Flaws, Rainbows and Rain

Flaws and inclusions with new crystal growth in Selenite.

When you see a  “flaw” in a crystal, doesn’t it  make it more beautiful?   If we fear that we are not perfect beings, then we are saying that creation is not perfect. We often make apparently imperfect decisions, the ones that fail to produce the results we desire. But we learn through trial and error.  A perfect creator will not create an imperfect being, because everything created shares the essence of its creator.  An In-dividual is an indivisible whole, like the Creator, therefore indivisible from the Creator. And, a persons characteristics are the essence of the Creator’s truth in that individual;  and truth is beauty. So please bless your in-dividuality and love your “flaws”, they express your uniqueness. You are beautiful!

No two minds stand in the same place at the same time. And nothing stands still long enough to be repeated. The whole universe is in motion. Uniforms impose upon nature’s uniqueness and diversity.  No two snowflakes are identical. You are unique. You are therefore no more and no less a perfect and special expression of the great universe: As Neal Donald Walsh pointed out in “Conversations With God” it is unthinkable that a perfect creator would create an imperfect world and populate it with imperfect people.

The colours of healthy chakras correspond to the rainbow. When you are observing a rainbow,  mentally complete the arc of colours by imagining it to be a  section of a sphere. You are standing in the exact centre of that sphere. If anybody is standing beside you, they are experiencing the perception of a completely different rainbow, because they too are standing dead centre of their respective sphere.  It is impossible for two people to be standing in the same spot at the same instant. And it is also impossible for a sphere to have two dead centres. Every single one of us sees a totally unique world from our eyes. And every single one of us locates the centre of the universe that we observe. I do not know that the purple you see is the same purple that I see, I don’t see with your eyes, or hear with your ears, and so forth. The rainbows that we can see are our personal rainbows. They surround us in a vast bubble, invisibly expanding into and with our universe.  A rainbow is like a glimpse of our aura extending into infinity. The colours we see are  created by our minds, our infinity components.  Our uniqueness makes us more special than it is comfortable to imagine.

If we still doubt our value to this world and to each other, I would suggest that researching the *’Anthropic Principle‘ might change our minds.  You are invaluable to the universe, it exists to create you. Love yourself, you are worth it.

And what keeps it all together?  Communication. The law of attraction.  Attraction encourages communication. When cells can’t communicate there is disease. When humans can’t communicate there is suffering. Communication is good.

Communication in the human body requires the medium of water. Water connects the body to its environment. All cells need water to exchange information and maintain life. Water droplets in the air we breathe carry oxygen to our lungs. They also charge our auras and connect us in the same way that fish are connected by the ocean in which they swim. Water, when it stands still is pure crystal, ice. Our bodies are 70% water. Dr Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how we can communicate with the intelligence of water. Are we communicating through water, or is water communicating through us?  Poseidon, flowing as he did through the veins of every living creature, knew the hearts of all.

We tend to think of our energy as personal, but although we are responsible for how we use it, we don’t own it. Our very characters, along with all our thoughts, feelings and actions, are fueled by the universe; by food, light, water, and  air. Light and energy from sun and stars are absorbed into Earth. Earth is seeded with star elements which transform into minerals, the foundation of organic life.  All forms we see are star-dust in transformation. The  energy that impels this transformation is the same energy we experience in our selves. Meteors, cometary materials, and light in the form of photons from the stars, 4000 tons or so, are believed to fall every day. Earth is growing, The future is seeded by a rain of crystal star dust. All things we perceive are centres of crystal activity, so the centre is, in truth, everywhere.

"We are crystals at the centre of our beings."

When you walk, think, or scratch your head, the energy you use to do this is the same energy that powers an explosion on the sun in that same instant. The energy is not seperated by distance or time. It is One, and so are we, flaws included.


 *Not to be confused with creationism.

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