The individual life of a crystal is called the Monad. It is an intelligent spark of the infinite. It manifests a discrete form in the material universe. Crystals exist throughout the entire universe, not just on the mantlepiece. Every crystal is energetically linked with it’s every counterpart, every where. (The same way that we are connected in The Collective Unconscious.) When we contain a crystal within our system, (by carrying or wearing one,) we are linked with its cosmic matrix.  Put more poetically, when you hold a humble piece of quartz in your hand, you are connected to the collective spirit of the uncountable billions of tons of quartz growing on countless billions of planets spread throughout infinite space.

The monad’s purpose is to grow. You and I, beneath the imagery of our personal histories, are monads. That is our primary level of  connection with each other and the universe at large. At that level we can communicate directly with the monad of a crystal.

To become the sophisticated learning machines that we all are, we assembled a crystal vehicle for ourselves called DNA. To achieve this, we, as monads, pulled the primary metaphysical elements into our individual energy fields. Earth in the form of Carbon, Water in the form of Oxygen, Fire via hydrogen, and Air via Nitrogen. This follows because they are the most abundant atoms proportional to each element.


In this diagram, the Tibetan Chorten depicts the sequence of elements from the base upwards: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The fifth symbol introduces the concept of Aether, the Quintessence. This knowledge was universally available in symbolic form throughout ancient societies. (That is, if you knew how to look.) The Tibetans called these symbols ‘open secrets.’   They are not hidden from general view, but can only be understood to the level of the training and ability of the student.  Only diligent students attain enlightenment.

Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen are the building blocks of DNA. It is apparent that the ancients knew this in their own way, as they recorded these facts in the language of alchemy.

The ‘Sephir Yitzarah’ is one example.

With a vehicle composed of the four elements to live in, we can express as forwards, backwards, up, down, left and right. In short, we can move, interact, and grow.  Deep inside our bodies, at our exact geometrical centre located in the perineum, is said to lie a merkaba shaped clump of cells which were formed immediately after conception.  They are said to remain unchanged throughout the entirety of our lives, while every other cell is replaced over and over again. This then is our physical anchor that the monad used to influence the physical universe and to assemble our bodies. We are never sundered from this crystal root.  We are linked with crystals because they are a function of life, existing within a vast web of love, light, and creation. According to Gregg Braden, and other scientists, the coded message in our DNA has been decoded, it reads: “God Eternal Within The body.”

So, as Amanda says, “We are crystals at the centre of our being.”

"We are crystals at the centre of our being."

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