Deep Time and the Mohs Scale

How old could the crystal in your hand be?  Lets use analogy to help us grasp the figures.

Imagine that a human life of 70 years is equal to 1 minute.

A piece of Rock Crystal would then be a year old. [That is 70 x 60(minutes)  x 24(hours) x 365(days)].

The dinosours would have disappeared 2 years ago.  Diamonds would be 30 years old.

Zircon would be 90 years old.   Earth would be 150 years old.


Crystals are gauged for their relative hardnesses,(H), according to the Moh’s scale .  The scale goes from 1 to 10, where 10 is the hardest. Each mineral, from N0. 2 upwards can scratch those below it, but not those above. As our fingernails are usually around H2.5,  they can be scratched by calcite, but not by talc. For reference, a pen-knife is H6.5.

1    Talc

2    Gypsum

3    Calcite

4     Fluorite

5     Apatite

6     Felspar

7     Quartz

8     Topaz

9     Corundum

10    Diamond

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