Igneous rocks are referred to as Primary Minerals,

Sedimentary rocks are Secondary Minerals,

Metamorphic rocks are Tertiary Minerals.

Sediment Quartz

This crystal, found in a river in China, has an interesting history. It started life as a clear quartz cluster, but over time became submerged in river silts. Eventually the crystal was completely transformed as the sediments infiltrated the molecular lattice, and replaced the pure silicates with river sediments.

This Sediment Quartz, now has the texture of jasper, but has retained its quartz crystal appearance.

The diagram below represents the various transformations that rock will experience long after its igneous birth. On the clockwise turn rocks are undergoing changes related to environmental forces.  On the anti – clockwise turn rocks undergo changes brought about by heat and high pressures.   Metamorphic rocks can become sedimentary and vice-versa.  Eventually all rock returns to the magma below via subduction. At the same time new rocks are constantly being formed by volcanic activity.  It is an ongoing cyclical process.

Crystals, in therapy, are intended to vibrate their elemental structure in concert with those same elements in the body.  When you pluck one string on a guitar, the remaining five strings vibrate audibly.  We think of the crystals as strings plucked, and the body as harmonies echoed. This is expected to work because the crystal mineral is stronger than that of a body mineral. When placed in proximity to a person for a while, the crystal is intended to over ride a human imbalance through resonance. Long term resonance creates entrainment. The human will resonate in tune with the crystal. An imbalance in human functioning manifests a mineral imbalance somewhere in the body. This is why crystals are believed to be therapeutic. A crystal’s electromagnetic field (aura) penetrates human tissue and encourages healing by affecting the body’s mineral make up. Entrainment is intended to effect transformation at the cellular level, where our mitochondrial DNA/RNA is located.  (RNA acts as the bridge of communication between the body and its’ DNA blueprint).

"We are crystals at the centre of our being".

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