Sedimentary Crystal Formation

Eons of weathering erode mountains, effectively sanding them down into stones, pebbles, sand, and powder. Where there is flowing water these sediments pool downstream. Water deposits sediments wherever it stops flowing. Minerals carried by wind and water are jostled, squeezed and dissolved into sludge.  They become highly compressed over time. Eventually, after many centuries, they reform into new and different crystals.







Even the rocks deep underground and out of sight of wind and rain, are being eroded by water. Acids, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide permeate the ground.  Deep underground, seeping rainwater creates Gangue where mineral deposits precipitate. Crystals just ooze out from the rocky matrix while feeding on the local mineral deposits. Crystals that form above the underground water table are from the Oxidation Zone. In oxidation, atoms shed their electrons.  Crystals formed inside the water table come from what is called the Cementation Zone. In cementation, electrons are collected. Between these two elemental forces shedding and collecting living energy,  perfect balance is attained.

Examples:  Oxidation………Azurite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise.

Cementation…..Copper, Silver.

Gangue…………Agate, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz.

Electricity And The Water Table

The release of electrons from above is a gift to the living land. A gift freely given every time the wind blows, or the rain falls, and lightning strikes the ground. Seasonal changes in temperature and pressure fan the mix. The positive force is received by the yielding earth, who responds by nurturing life. Negative attracts positive in the vast, invisible, harmonic, panoramic energy that envelops and contains us in every electric instant that we breathe.

"We Are Crystals At The Centre Of Our Being".

The elements and minerals that maintain perfect harmony in our bodies flow into, and out of us daily. They come from the exquisitely balanced forces present in Earth and sky. They return to their elemental homes when they leave us.  When they go they take our resonant energies with them. This is our gift to Earth and sky.  When we breathe, our breath becomes our life. When we exhale with intent we are giving back something vitalised by our will. If we habitually resonate with the sincere intent to give back something of value to our planet, then it follows that we will be guided by our experiences to discover our right livelihoods. After that happens it becomes unthinkable to embrace anything that isn’t beneficial for ourselves and our world. It becomes natural to see what no longer works for us, and easy to motivate ourselves to create greater authenticity in our lives.  While crystals evolve in our sight by bringing us beauty and helping us to improve the quality of our physical and energetic blueprints, we evolve by identifying and taking complete ownership of our potentials. The study of crystal therapy can help to precipitate these positive changes in us.

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