The Periodic Table and The Crystal Therapist

Below is a diagram of the “Periodic Table” with the positioning of the elements present in the human body represented by the red and green circles superimposed on the table. The red circles represent the main elements in the body, while the green circles represent the elements found only in trace quantities. 

[The Trace elements can probably be described as being present in “Homeopathic” quantities].

There are 92 naturally occurring elements. Others have been artificially created. The names of elements have not been included in the diagram, but the symbol and number for each element is included.

On the table every element is positioned according to the number of electrons each atom possesses. When it was noticed that 

similarities are displayed by every eighth element, it was realised that this describes a wave function in the order of the elements.  These waves are called Periods.

The periods pulse in  rhythm, like octaves of the Diatonic scale. Because rhythm is a fundamental force in the creation of matter, the universe can be described as singing itself into being.   The Periodic Table is divided into rows and columns. The elements in the vertical columns have similar characteristics, while  the horizontal rows contain elements whose characteristics are graded from left to right.

Every succesive element in the table has one electron more than its predecessor. Because the electrons swarm in the outer shell of each atom, and the variance in those numbers create frequencies unique to each element,  any two minerals, though they sit side by side on the table,  can have very different appearances; i.e.,  Sulphur & Seraphinite.

The force that combines elements to make compounds is called “Valence”, and is determined by the arrangements of the electrons in each atom.

This diagram depicts the wave function of the Periodic Table in relation to the Diatonic scale. Each circle represents a mineral as well as a note.  As the notes rise by octaves, so do the properties of minerals.



In crystal therapy thought must given to the mineral makeup of every crystal used.  Each mineral has its own note, like the strings on a harp.  Certain combinations of minerals can be said to be harmonic just as certain combinations of notes create chords.  When there is dis-ease, the many chords and combinations that the body is playing have slipped out of tune.  Crystals can act like tuners to help re-harmonise these discords. Every disease is associated with a mineral imbalance in the body.  Whether the imbalance itself is a “cause” or an “effect” doesn’t matter. The causes may originate in the energetic dimensions, but symptomatic effects on the body are manifest. The placing of crystals is intended to remind the body of its own harmonic frequency, thereby assisting the body to put right that which has gone wrong.

It is worth considering that crystals cannot actually heal any more than drugs can. In truth it is the body that heals itself. Crystals (and the other things) are mere catalysts for healing.  Wholeness may only come from within, but sometimes it needs just a little help from outside of the body to help wholeness take hold.  That is what crystals are intended to help us do. When it comes to protection of the healthy body, crystals are excellent.  They can grid our auras to protect us from a variety of harmful frequencies which permeate our polluted atmosphere; and they are particularly excellent for psychic and energetic protection.

Pyrite and Selenite

Tourmaline, for example, is excellent for protection from cell phone frequencies, and deflecting unpleasant vibes from people. Try wearing a black tourmaline pendant when you visit a crowded place and see if it makes a difference for you. I have found it remarkable when in potentially unpleasant situations.  Carrying a piece of pyrite with intent can make you practically invisible to potentially unfriendly eyes, and wearing sapphire helps to shield us against any aggressive thought forms that someone may be sending us. The intended crystals are the catalysts that can “kick-start” certain subliminal functions which have lain dormant. Every human function involves an exchange of mineral energies at the atomic level, and crystals are used to subliminally remind our cells of our perfect physical blueprint.   The Therapist works to release apects human potential coded somewhere deep in our mitochondrial DNA.  (A cross section of the string like structure of DNA reveals fantastic geometry to rival crystals).


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