Every atom in your body is as old, or nearly as old as the universe,  and the universe is old!  Every atom has passed through several stars, lived in  crystal form, floated in space, and been a part of countless millions of living things throughout history (including the histories of other worlds).

It has been seriously estimated that a billion or so of the atoms spinning inside every one of us has also lived in Buddha, Julius Caesar,  Anaximander, and just about everyone else who ever lived in the distant past. (They take a while to recycle). Does this relate to why so many modern folk are  interested in finding ancient and lost knowledge ?

Nobody knows how long an atom may live, but ten to the power of thirty-five years is considered possible by scientists.

Half a million atoms standing side by side could hide behind a human hair.

Start with a millimetre, which is about this long  –  and split it into a thousand equal lengths. Each length is called a Micron.

Now take your micron and shave it into ten thousand equal lengths. There’s your atom.

Atoms are a trinity.  They consist of positive Protons, negative Electrons, and neutral Neutrons.

The spherical outer shell of every atom is made up of  mysterious, quantum leaping electrons. From our point of view, individual electrons occupy their shells at all points in space and time at once. This is at the foundation of Heinsenberg’s Matrix Mechanics, and his Uncertainty Principle.

This weird, fuzzy electron sphere is gigantic compared to the real substance of the atom, the super dense Nucleus.  This is the space occupied by the Protons and Neutrons at the centre of the atom.  The nucleus is  one millionth of a billionth of the full volume of the atom.  It has been compared to a fly in a cathedral. Only this fly is many thousands of times heavier than the cathedral.

Next,  if we compare an atom to the sun, and compare the sun to an orange, we are entering the hypothetical world of the Superstring.  Now we are in a very strange dimension. Actually the word ‘Density’ is considered by many to be  more accurate than dimension.  Multiple densities require individual frequencies to co-exist in the same space while remaining separate. As different frequencies set radio stations apart, so different frequencies set multiple worlds apart even though they are occupying the same  space.

Everything exists in multiple densities,  our subtle and gross bodies for example. Pick a crystal and contemplate how it is currently manifesting alongside you in parallel worlds. Consider that every object we see around us is only a fraction of its energetic counterpart. We perceive little with our physical senses. for every kilogram of anything there are 20 kilograms of a quintessential substance that contains and preserves ordinary matter, while remaining essentially out of the range of direct knowing. In fact we perceive only 4% of everything, 21% of which is Dark Matter, and 75%  of which is Dark Energy.  In February 2006, professor Gerry Gilmore of Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy said “These are the first properties other than existence we’ve been able to determine.”  A remarkable statement.

To end with a little sanity, I will quote the great Bill Bryson from his book ” A Short History of Nearly Everything” (Doubleday 2003),

‘The upshot of all this is that we live in a universe whose age we can’t quite  compute, surrounded by stars whose distances from us and each other we don’t altogether know, filled with matter we can’t identify, operating in conformance with physical laws whose properties we don’t truly understand’.

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