Hyperdimensional Earth Grid Geometry in Six Easy Stages

Geometry Governs Order On Earth

In addition to the discovery of The Becker Hagens Grid,

Russian researchers Nikolai Goncharov,  Vyacheslav Morozov, and Valery Makarov  discovered a ‘Hyperdimensional’ grid that is linked to several of the Earths’  surface features. Basing their research on the work of American researcher Ivan T. Sanderson who found twelve so-called “Vile Vortexes” or energy disturbances located at equal distances on the surface of the Earth. The Russians plotted the framework on which these vortices lie, and found twin Platonic crystal structures in superimposition, combining to form a Double Icosahedron with a Double Dodecahedron.

(Click here for rotating model)
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In the large diagram below we are visualizing this Hyper-dimensional Earth Grid Geometry in six  stages.

(Click here for rotating model)
Image via Wikipedia

Diagrams 1 and 2 show the Tetrahedron as seen from the North and South Poles respectively.

Diagram 3 shows the star tetrahedron created by the combination 1 and 2.

In diagram 4, we see the positioning of the surface icosahedron followed by the addition of the dodecahedral core nested within the heart of the star tetrahedron (dig. 5).

Finally, dig. 6 shows us the dodecahedron which shares the surface with the icosahedron.  Remember that the Platonic Solids fit perfectly inside each other like notes in a musical chord.

The Apices of each Platonic Solid touch the surface of the Earth at places which were considered of special significance by people in ancient civilisations. The Great Pyramid  occupies one of these points.  (My art is more enthusiastic than accurate!).  According to the researcher Carl Munck,  the whole of the ancient world was linked by a web of geometrically positioned artificial structures pointing to evidence for the forgotten prehistoric world civilisation.


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