The following is a series of observations, speculations, and inspirations regarding Cosmic Correspondences.  Hope you enjoy reading.


Our Chakras emit subtle frequencies associated with particular moods and emotions. (A mood is a passive emotion). Observe the news as stories develop around the new and full moons. Compare that to the news for the rest of the month.  Check in particular for those stories coming from the regions of the Earth claimed to represent the chakras. By analysing the tone of these events we may help ourselves to  see how, collectively we are  manifesting these situations.


In the diagram above, the violet and blue Dragon Paths correspond to Ida and Pingala, the twin lines of energy that spiral up the spine from the base to the crown.   They also correspond with the Serpents on the Cadeauceus, the ancient symbol of healing. We would suggest that the Earths’ Sushumna, (the rod of the Cadeaucues), corresponds to the magnetic poles as their currents spiral into and out from the Earths’ core.  The rod also represents the spine, while the sun or Pine Cone often depicted on top of the rod represents the Pineal Gland, the crown chakra.  There are other models of Earth chakras, but the inspiration for the above diagram came back in ’04, reading :  Sadly I can’t remember right now why Cairo is not on the line, but I dare say any reader who is sufficiently motivated can find more up to date information on good ol’ google.  Personal research is the most rewarding kind.

In the diagram below, we see how the Platonic Solids correspond with the chakras. According to Tibetan systems, the Base is combined with the Sacral, while the Brow is combined with the Crown.  Tibetan scholars made these combinations because of the observed effects of sounds upon the chakras, and how these effects are related to the ancient elements.

Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and other historic Geometers actually knew that the world is a sphere. They even made accurate calculations  of the geometry of the Earth Grid, and declared it to contain Icosahedral geometry. They deduced that the universe is Dodecahedral, and it is said that the core of the Earth is   dodecahedral too. There is some present day validation for these claims taking place in the work of Roger Penrose and others. Some researchers, including Gregg Braden,  observe that the surface and core geometry of the Earth, plus it’s grids, are transforming into an ever more complex scheme as the planet evolves.  The geometrical grids that energetically support planets are influenced by the frequencies that inhabit those areas of the galaxy where the planets happen to be at any one point in their orbit. If we imagine universal matter as being fluid, the formation of planetary geometry will make sense. Aether permeates the space between the atoms like a foam. All particles arise from this aether and return to it at ten to the power of forty times per second. Everything, everywhere is blinking on at and off at ten to the power of forty times per second, including you and me.  (It certainly makes me think). Both Buckminster Fuller and Hans Jenny discovered that different musical pitches create different geometries in fluids. This is the practical basis for these facts.

The above is a posher version of the title pic.  Thanks to NASA, and my old laptop.


Needless it should be to say, but said it must be: Nothing written on this website should be considered before professional medical advice in the case of any medical condition whatsoever. And, only an idiot, or a complete curmudgeon would believe otherwise!


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21 thoughts on “GRIDS, GATES, AND CHAKRAS”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog (Heart Star), and for the post above. 13 is also associated with the Divine Feminine, and 13 spheres as the Fruit of Life (see Drunvalo Melchizedek), with the 13th sphere in the centre. I had not thought of the Pineal Chakra of the planet as ‘roving’, usually associate it with Mt Fuji…..

    Namaste ❤

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  2. Hi .. I am just revisiting this once more. I am doing a similar work toward incorporating into this Gate/Portal /Chakra image as to just how the mechanical layout of the worlds Great Primary Pyramid Complexes aroung the Globes Great Circle Line and the Crystaline Matrix of Materials that they are built with factor into the actual telegraphing of both Thoth and perhaps Matter ie Carbon to another geolocation or even better , another Dimensional location as well. I believe that the overloards already have this all figured out but with all of the efforts towards disclosure they are never going to tell us… So we must develop a very clear picture of our own as to how all of this just might really work at least in Hypothesis… Nice one again …TY .. Mind if I share to Facebook?

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    1. Thank you so very much for your interest. Perhaps we may yet see a picture so clear, it works in fact. I don’t use Facebook myself, but you are welcome to share. Thanks again, and more power to your work.


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