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In the 1920s a German scientist, Hans Kayser, a student of Pythagoras, found that the mathematical ratios of musical harmonics were identical to those at the basis of all the laws of chemistry, physics, astronomy, architecture, and botany. In fact, all the natural sciences; including Crystallography.

Musical Ratios are calculated by use of the Monochord, (dividing a string on a musical instrument into fractions. These precise fractions locate the harmonics on the string).  Following the logic of these facts, musical ratios correspond to those used in geometry. Think of the radius of a circle.

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Harmony effects the environment, which echoes harmonics in reply.  (For example, to a note struck on an instrument, or sung).  Musicians are well acquainted with this phenomenon, but to the layperson it may take a little concentration. Try singing a note in a silent room, and listening for the echo.  If there is a stringed musical instrument present, it will “sing” in reply . If not, then listen for how various hollow objects vibrate to the sound of your voice immediately after you sing a note.

Harmonics also involve the orbits of bodies in space.  Calculate the time a planet takes to revolve on its’ axis (its’ day) with the time it takes to orbit the sun, and you find its’ note. The music of the spheres.

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Prof. Winfried Otto Schumann  discovered that the early astronauts were growing sick due to a lack of something in space that Earth provided. He had a spacecraft fitted with a box that emitted frequencies at 7.83 hz. and that did the trick.  This has been standard practise in all manned space travel since that time.

The Schumann frequency is created by the sum of all the electrical activities existing in the atmosphere. This frequency has a very Long Wavelength that travels around the planet at close to the speed of light.  It takes less than one eighth of a second to orbit the Earth. It ranges at frequencies 5 – 50 hz, and averages at 7.83hz. The same as Om. It is also called the optimal healing frequency.

Note: 1 Hertz = one cycle in a sound wave per second.

In case you are now wondering what has all this got to do with crystals let’s explain.  The surface of the Earth is crystalline. It is mostly silicon quartz plus all the other minerals. The core of the Earth is a strange manifestation of iron in a unique crystal lattice.  Silicon is piezoelectric in nature. It is used in computers, watches, etc. Iron, as we all know is highly conductive of electricity and magnetism, (which is also a form of electricity).

Our bodies, made up entirely of minerals as they are, are crystalline, and as such resonate with the rhythms of the electromagnetic frequencies which surround and permeate every cell.

If long-term, disharmony in the body will manifest a mineral imbalance of one sort or  another.  Crystals retain perfect mineral balance despite harmful disruptions in the local atmospheric frequencies.  Their powerful, stable mineral signature resonates the stronger harmonic frequency in response to that of the minerals in the body.

A well-chosen crystal or two, carried in the pockets, will work tirelessly.

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Another way to understand the Law of Harmonics is to realize that, like it or not, we all reap everything that we sow.   Fear not, good folk, for judgement is fearful only for the wicked – see not you that this is so?

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