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There is more to be said about the ongoing evolution of our home world to help us better appreciate our crystals.  There are several frequencies produced by the Earth as it interacts with atmospheric and cosmic influences.  One of these frequencies, the Schumann Resonance is a rhythmic pulse that circulates the planet, bathing us in its’ invisible presence. It is created by the difference in electromagnetic polarities between the surface of Earth and the ionosphere. The ionosphere is positively charged, it is about 45* miles high. The Earths’ surface is negatively charged.

For nearly thirty years now it has been known that there is a direct relationship between our brain wave patterns and the Schumann frequency.  This has a bearing on our well-being and our immune systems.

Our brain wave patterns have evolved within this frequency.  The bridge between our minds and the frequency is our DNA.  The powerful creative gifts of the human mind are engaged in the Alpha Brain Wave state.  The Schumann resonance governs Alpha states.**

Our other brain wave patterns are:  Gamma, the highest universal frequency that our brains respond to. We  use Gamma to create the objective world which we perceive. Tibetan meditators generate unusually high levels of Gamma wave frequencies. These frequencies have recently been linked by Western science with increased natural health and happiness in the individual who demonstrates very strong feelings of  compassion for all living beings.

Beta waves, are those which we use in the workaday world for practical thinking. After prolonged exposure to Beta we experience stress, anxiety, exhaustion, low-grade infectious illness, joint pains etc.   Beta activity dominates our world at present. Commercial and military communications devices bombard our atmosphere with high Beta wave frequencies. These penetrate our skulls and are unremittingly resonating our brain wave frequencies at high Beta levels, 24/7.

Alpha waves, which are mentioned above are engaged when we close our eyes in a relaxed creative mood. As well as fostering creativity, they are the first stage of meditation.  Theta waves are experienced in deep meditation and are involved with ESP activities.  They are also encountered on the threshold to sleep when visions or waking dreams are experienced.  Delta waves are emitted during dreamless sleep. There is a complete loss of the sense of “I” as separate from “Thou” in Delta. It is also experienced as the deepest meditational frequency and is recorded in the brain wave patterns of Tibetan and Zen masters during meditation. Delta waves are associated with Kundalini awakening.

All these zones of human awareness are governed by the Schumann frequency, which significantly,  corresponds exactly with the Eastern Aum frequency. Our evolution is intimately tied up with this resonance. When it changes, so do we.

* It may be lower now in 2012 than it’s 2005 level. This is possible as a consequence of severe Space Weather.

**The Schumann Resonance is also changing, raising in pitch; and I suspect that we are following it.


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