Amethyst Geodes plus one Citrine

When two discreet energies inhabit the same space, (you and a crystal for example), resonance takes place between them.  The stronger and more stable, will over-ride the weaker.

Crystals are said to be able to open and clear all channels and energy centres  in the body.

Their vibrational stability is  powerful enough to effect the weaker vibration in its proximity, helping that which is out of balance back into balance.

To open up to the frequency of crystal therapy is a gift to yourself.  After a few sessions, and with your conscience intent, energy on all levels begins to shift and

Dendritic Chlorite in Quartz Phantom

change. Sometimes you may receive memories and recall of times past.

These can be in the form of mini life reviews. Very useful for further spiritual growth as it tends to foster self understanding, and the compassion that encourages forgiveness of others. Therapy opens the doorway to our memory, making us more able to access aspects of ourselves that we thought we never had, or that we had forgotten.

Crystal therapy at times can be challenging as it can involve major emotional movements within and around us, sometimes challenging us to the point of wanting to give up. But with experience, and I truly mean this, the emotional shifts allow tremendous changes for the better. Our worlds within and without will shine with our new clarity of vision. We recognise that we are a part of that light which is always shining.

Crystal Therapy can help reconnect those of us drawn to its study, to our true and natural rhythms of life.

All crystals laid on during, and worked with in a crystal therapy, connect and resonate with different levels and dimensions in one’s living system, creating a stronger and perfectly formed structure within the multi-dimensional being.

Crystal Therapy is believed to assist rebuilding  damaged DNA and cell structures.

Notice the rainbow Refractions, and the Amethyst in the background.
Quartz Dow

Crystals, within their own body of vibration, can balance our chakra system. As each of our chakras resonate to a particular frequency (note). The sound of the crystals being used help to balance the chakra system. These sounds are normally inaudible due to their extreme high pitch, but can be detected with instruments.

As the two energetic systems combine, (crystal and person) they are creating an electrical charge. Their atoms are working together. Where there is cell damage,  the two energies, crystal and crystalline cell, work together to put it right. This, as with all effective therapies, is sometimes uncomfortable physically and emotionally, both during therapy, and sometimes even many weeks afterwards. But the outcome is that the energetic structure can be encouraged to repair itself. If the Aetheric body is repaired and functioning perfectly then it follows that the physical will catch up. Be patient, and have faith in yourself and your crystals, whether they are aware or not, they are our friends and our allies.

As our crystalline energy contains mostly water (hexagonal geometry), crystal therapy will resonate with its’ own mineral structures by using  this fluid medium to create a clear and perfect channel.     AAM.

 Amanda A. Moloney

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