Atoms seem to “Feel”!!!

Atoms seem to “feel” more comfortable when they have stable outer shells.  This is what “motivates” atoms with unstable shells to bond with other atoms and share their electrons, creating stable molecules.  Electrons come in two categories; ‘Up’ & ‘Down’.  Up attracts, Down repels.  Thus molecules are formed by the play of attraction and repulsion between electrons.  The amount of molecular bonds that any one atom can make depend on the number of electrons it contains, or would like to contain.   It seems that atoms are seekers. They seek to be greater than they are by combining with others to create an ordered universe.

Inside an Atom

Atoms create bonds with other atoms to form molecules according to mathematical rules.  These rules, called valences are governed by the number of electrons in the outer shell of the atom.  A molecule defines the smallest possible manifestation of anything. All atoms are defined by the number of electrons they carry.  The old way of imagining them was to compare them to a solar system, but this is not very accurate as the electrons (planets) are orbiting the tiny nucleus at about 100, 000 revolutions per second, and in more than one direction. There is an awful lot of energy locked into every atom.  Because of the speed and varying angles of electron spin, electrons resemble a cloud surrounding the nucleus of every atom. The speed that they are moving at suggests the enormous energy they possess. This is the energy released in a nuclear explosion. According to Arthur C. Clarke, there is enough energy in the vacuum of a light bulb to blow a galaxy apart.

Potentiating Bodhi Fields

When not engaged in manifestation, atoms exist within “Fields of Potential”.  When they manifest they enter the field of experiences.  It is the same as if you found an object from a dream in your hand when you woke up. We live and move and have our being within this Field. Sound familiar? This Field operates within and beyond time and space.  Perhaps it contains an infinite quantity of universes. It links every atom and every event that ever happens to everything else, everywhere and everywhen. You and I and everything we perceive are blinking in and out of the Field millions of times every instant. We are blinking in and out of existence. We actually disappear, cease to be, then we resume where we left off in the next instant. It is like the way we need twenty-four separate pictures on a reel of cinema film played per second to perceive a moving picture.  If you throw a ball to your friend, the ball he catches is not the one that left your hand but the quantum copy of it evolved from a series of copies.  And so is your friend. And so is the galaxy we live in. Staggering isn’t it.

Reality like "Cosmic" Strobe Photography, or a "Mexican Wave".

Although the speed of light was said to be a limit to how fast events could link across the universe, in the Quantum Field all the universe is linked in one instantaneous wave. “Quantum Entanglement“. The Field then contains more energy than we can begin to imagine. It is the source of Nicolai Tesla’s discovery of limitless free energy which is now at last (perforce) being taken seriously. It is also intelligent and benevolent. It supports telepathy, channelling, distant healing, miracle healing and every other extra-dimensional evolutionary gift.  There is a scientific theory called the “Anthropic Principle” which has calculated the possibility of life appearing in an ordered universe like ours to be impossible without purposeful intervention by an intelligent force. The odds are incredible that we should be.  It reminds me of the neurotic condition Pronoia, the deep suspicion that the universe is a conspiracy on one’s behalf.       FM.

Beyond all appearances, I AM!

Speak to Him thou for He hears, and spirit with spirit can meet,  Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.   (Tennyson).

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